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Post Malone – Better Now (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Better Now” is the 9th track on Post Malone’s 2018 album ‘beerbongs & bentleys.’ The song gained much popularity, behind the album singles such as “rockstar” and “Psycho.” It peaked at #5 on Billboard Hot 100 chart and recently was certified Platinum by RIAA. As per TMZ, even Taylor Swift complimented on the song after meeting Post abruptly at the backstage of Billboard Music Awards 2018.

“Better Now” speaks about a post-breakup situation of a couple. It seems as if both parties are regretting the breakup and trying to convince themselves that they are better off without the other. The song was written by Billy Walsh, Frank Dukes, Louis Bell & Post Malone, and produced by the former two.

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Despite the sad meaning behind the lyrics, the song has a very catchy tune and upbeat rhythm.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Better Now”

The song starts off with the chorus.


These lyrics explain how both Post Malone and the ex-girlfriend are suffering because of the breakup. They convince themselves that it is ‘better now’ after the breakup. However, they know that they are only saying that to make themselves feel better about the mistake they did. Post says he would have given her everything and anything. Does this mean that he actually did not do any of that when they were together? Post’s net worth is estimated at $8 million in 2018, so he literally could have given her anything and everything. However, the song says that Post has let down this girl, which he feels sorry for now.

The chorus has both perspectives of Post and the ex-girlfriend, using slight differences to the words.

Verse 1

The first verse of “Better Now” explains that Post did not see the breakup coming. The reason for the breakup as he sees is ‘benzo.’ ‘Benzo’ could be short for Benzodiazepine-a drug used to treat anxiety. Maybe Post was addicted to the drugs that drove the girl away. Or ‘benzo’ could be short for Mercedez Benz, for which Post’s love for her came second to. But seeing how easily Post could afford a Benz car, it is unlikely that she would have left him for a car.

Post was with her for her twentieth birthday and their wish was to stay on together forever. However, this dream came to a crashing end and now she despises him.

Post also gives a shout out to the Jonas Brothers in these lyrics. And now Post has settled to alcohol to temporarily ease his pain of the breakup.

Watch Post Malone Perform “Better Now” Live at Governer’s Ball 2018

Verse 2

Post Malone comes up with his side of the story for ending this relationship. He has seen her with some other guy and it crushed him. Malone is generous enough to call this guy ‘cool’ maybe because Malone thinks the guy is not at fault for her adultress behavior.

However, in the latter part of “Better Now,” the singer assures that he will be okay despite what happened. There are no other options than to just move on with his life. He will probably stick to more Hennessey or expensive cars or jewelry to take his mind off of her. But in the end, he will be okay, but he will cherish those memories forever.


These three short lyrics turn the song around yet again. He promises that he will be okay after the breakup, and goes on to say that she is the love of his life. The use of the word “only” emphasizes that she was the one for him and he messed it up. So he will be screaming to himself that things are better now, but in reality, he lost the girl of his world.

“Better Now” is catchy and addictive, and we are going to play the song on repeat now. Let us know what you think about the lyrics and meaning of this song by Post Malone.

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Full Lyrics to “Better Now” by Post Malone


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