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Eminem – Lucky You Ft. Joyner Lucas (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Lucky You” is the third track on the surprise album ‘Kamikaze‘ by Eminem. The song features a massive verse by Joyner Lucas signed to Atlantic Records. Joyner is considered one of the better rappers in the game with similar flows and rhymes to that of Eminem. This is the first time the two artists have collaborated together. Joyner had major success with his 2017 track “I’m Not Racist.”

“Lucky You” has both the artists going on a rant of the state of rap and hip-hop today. Royner Lucas complains about how he does not get the recognition he deserves in the middle of these mumble rappers. Eminem, on the other hand, talks about the continued backlash he receives for allegedly depleting quality of his music.

Jahaan Sweet, IllaDaProducer, Boi-1da, Eminem and Joyner Lucas have contributed lyrics to “Lucky You.”

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Both Eminem and Joyner Lucas achieve extremely high speeds in spitting these lyrics out. For an untrained eye, it is difficult to read the lyrics at the speed they are rapping.

All of the writers above have contributed to the production of the track as well.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Lucky You”

Bridge 1

Joyner Lucas starts off the song.

He says that he has stirred up controversy in his music, especially with his last hit “I’m Not Racist.” On the same track, he gives a shout out to Eminem. Even though Lucas has been gaining critical appraisal over the years, he knows he will never get a Grammy award. He believes that artists like himself and Eminem are often overlooked by the rigged systems such as Grammy Awards.

Joyner sees the hip-hop industry as a pie which a lot of unwanted guests have been biting too many pieces of. He is about to chase away the vultures and cut himself a big slice of the pie along with Em.


Again Joyner gets on the mic and makes way for Em and himself to lay out some real hard-hitting lyrics at the competition.

Verse 1

The first verse of “Lucky You” is done by Joyner Lucas.

He believes he is most vicious when his back is against the wall. All his life, he wanted to win a Grammy or get recognition. But now he is starting to see the cracks in the system. So, he prefers to mind his business-very fast verses.

Lucas also says that he does not want to waste his time with some of the rappers today, as their music is ‘practically sucking.’ They might have sold a million records, but to Lucas, that does not mean anything if you did not write your lyrics, did not have a flow, a rhyme or syllables.

Joyner says he is no gangster, like most rappers today, claim to be. But if his lyrics do not kill you, he can assure you it is only going to be a slow death.

Joyner Lucas hints at Bruno Mars, too, in “Lucky You,” saying he doesn’t even compare to him.

The Spanish lines by Lucas is a downright threat for his competition to sit their butts down and shut up. Then he goes on to sing that he is a self-made man who had little help coming to the stage he is today. He never wants a beef with anybody, as he sees that quite futile. He would gladly lay down his weapons for the sake of his wife and his son.

Joyner says he will forever keep trying to achieve greatness. But if he does not, he would gladly go down in memory as the underdog who never gave up.

‘Snakes’ are a reference to deceptive and two-faced people, and Joyner plans to mow the lawn (thus decapitating the snakes) and get rid of these fake people around him.

Bridge 2

The first time Eminem vocalizes on “Lucky You,” he sends out an open apology to everyone who got hurt with his songs up until now. He is sorry about the past, but we doubt he is sorry about what he is saying in the ‘Kamikaze’ album, especially in songs like “The Ringer” and “Kamikaze.”

Em believes the backlash he is getting now is the karmic slap for the people whom he has hurt in his early tracks.

Contrasting on the Joyner’s bridge on the song, Eminem says that he has won Grammys, at a cost. Eminem has won 15 Grammy Awards so far, out of 43 nominations. But, Em compares this to selling his soul to the devil. He was not in the rap game for the accolades-he just wanted to move out of his trailer home. He wanted respect. But now, Eminem is starting to wonder if there is a difference between the two!

Em’s music has toned down in brutality over the years. He risked everything to become the Rap God he is today. But now that he is the Rap God, he has much to lose. Eminem has been biting chunks of the pie for so long that he should be full. Maybe, he is.

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Verse 2

In this verse of “Lucky You,” Eminem comes closer to breaking his own fastest rap record set in “Majesty” by Nicki Minaj. He achieves a speed of 10.2 syllables per second, whereas “Majesty” scored a record 10.3 syllables per second.

Eminem has a few mansions worth in millions of dollars. From not being able to afford a trailer park home, Eminem really has made it to the top. Other rappers are accused of having ghostwriters. But Em’s goal is to inspire the next generation-a generation that does not care about rapping mumble verses.

People ask him ‘what happened to hip-hop?’ But Eminem has no clue. He was gone for a couple of years and he returned to a strange world filled with mumble rappers and ghosrwriters winning Grammy awards.

Eminem admits that he ‘took an L,’ meaning to take a loss on the last album ‘Revival.’ And he wants people to shut up about it, now that he admitted it. From where Eminem started his career, in underground rap battles, even ‘Revival’ is a big win for the B-Rabbit.

Eminem laments on the poor state of hip-hop right now. There is very few who can come up with fresh content. Most of the songs are about drugs, booze, money, diamonds and strippers.

What is ‘Triplet Flow?’

In the next line, Eminem mimics the triplet flow that has spread like cancer over the rap music. Most new age rappers use the triplet flow in their music now, which is disliked by many listeners and artists alike. This rhyme is also dubbed ‘Migos’ flow’ for a reason.

Em dabs at the new age rappers calling them clowns who have no respect for the OGs of the game such as Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, J-Cole, Big Sean or himself. So, Em is going for their throats, all at once.

Marshall cries out to bring back the old school rappers such as Andre 3000, Masta Ace and Big Daddy Kane. Why? Because the current generation of rappers has brain damage!

Eminem’s wrath focuses on rappers singing about lean (drug) with face tattoos and colored hair. Lil Pump, Lil Xan, Migos, Tekashi 6ix9ine are some artists who fit this description.

Acetaminophen is a painkiller drug. Eminem is considering taking a few of these to recede the pain of watching the game being dragged down. Both Ketamine and Methamphetamine are drugs which cause hallucinations and severe distress when taken in higher dosage. The acceptable level of maximum dosage is 60 milligram. But Eminem is talking about 5 times more than this. He would probably die at this level of dosage.

Eminem’s legacy will live forever. He is an ultimate G.O.A.T who has changed the game forever. He was a navigator when things were bleak for hip-hop. So, that gives him the right to bite off the jugulars of students who stray away from the path.

Em’s haters have been behind his every move from ‘The 8 Mile’ movie appearance to the most recent movie assist ‘Southpaw,’ wishing for his downfall. But he is still the same Marshall from ‘Infinite.’ If he did fall off the wagon in ‘Revival,’ now he is back on the bull with ‘Kamikaze.’

Eminem and Joyner Lucas absolutely obliterates the new school rappers who are destroying the quality of the game. Eminem points out enough areas where the new school rappers are lacking in, so they might correct themselves. But it is unlikely, and Eminem will probably come back for them once more.

“Lucky You” is brutal, but Eminem is getting the weight off of his chest. He has been silent for so long, and now he cannot just wait anymore.

Let us know what you think about the “Lucky You” song, lyrics and meaning. Do you agree with Em? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Lucky You” by Eminem


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