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Listen to “Woman Like Me” by Little Mix and Nicki Minaj (Lyrics Review)

Little Mix has teamed up with Nicki Minaj for their latest single “Woman Like Me,” which borders around women empowerment. The brand new song and the lyric video soared to a million views on YouTube alone within a few hours of release. Fans were eagerly waiting for new music by Little Mix.

“Woman Like Me” speaks about all things that make a woman, a woman. There is a little bit of everything in her. A bit of crazy, a lot of love, a lot of miracles and a whole lot of power. This song embraces women for who they are and questions if there are any takers for strong and independent women like herself.

Releasing the song, Little Mix shared their thoughts on the song on Instagram:

“Woman Like Me” single is possibly from the upcoming fifth studio album by the group.

Listen to “Woman Like Me” by Little Mix

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Nicki Minaj dedicated this song to all the women out there;

Little Mix teased an acapella version of “Woman Like Me” on Twitter.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Woman Like Me”

Verse 1

The first verse is dedicated to spelling out what kind of women they are singing about. She talks about women who are not intimidated; women who do not shut up or stand down for injustice. Sometimes they go overboard telling the truth, only to realize later on that they could have sugarcoated it a bit more.

“I like my coffee with two sugars in it” is a popular phrase designed to help spell the word ‘necessary’ properly. Notice how the word ‘necessary’ has one ‘c’ (“one coffee”) and two ‘s’s (“two sugars”) in it.

These women dress classy and work, as opposed to the imperial age women who were only supposed to look after the household chores and children.

Powerful, but insecure and working on it. These are the millennials. These are the women who are taking over the next generations.


Oddly enough, “Woman Like Me” now turns into an emotional love song. The second verse by Jade and Perrie talk about how the touch of this guy makes them melt inside. They also get pretty sexual talking about spending nights under the bed covers with her lover.

These empowered women do not call themselves perfect. They know they are far from it. They do admit it throughout the song. Little Mix talks about the mistakes they have made and how they regret them as well. That is a sign of maturity and taking responsibility.

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Verse 2

The second verse of “Woman Like Me” is all about their love struggles. They talk about their weekend plans with their partners. Little Mix suggests getting ‘take out’ or ‘going out.’ Neither option suggests the women cooking for their men. These lines elaborate on how women of the new generation do not succumb to the traditional gender roles.

This verse also goes onto shout out to one of the most prominent female superstars in the world right now-Beyonce. Little Mix taps in “Drunk In Love” by Beyonce featuring her husband Jay-Z.

Verse 3

The third verse done by Nicki Minaj is all about asserting her dominance as queen of rap while alluding to all the women out there. She talks about getting paid in millions, adapting to changing music like a chameleon adapting to its surrounding, and how she is the mom of all the new female rap artists.

This new single has gotten the attention of both Little Mix’s and Nicki Minaj’s fan bases which comprise of a majority of women. The song does an excellent job to lay out the format of the new-age women who are more independent, vocal and open minded.

Let us know what you think about “Woman Like Me” single by Little Mix and Nicki Minaj. Do you think this is a good female empowering track? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Woman Like Me” by Little Mix


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