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Hot Dad and Cute Baby Lip Syncing Over “Girls Like You” Is the Cutest Thing Ever

Maroon 5’s last hit “Girls Like You” possibly sparked more social movement than any other song of 2018. The song stood for women empowerment and this message has been carried all over the world with people doing their own versions/productions of the song and the video.

However, a brand new video, a lip sync battle, over the “Girls Like You” surfaced on the Internet a few days ago and social media have been swept clean. The lip sync battle happens between a dad and his daughter-Myla. Myla is a 2-year-old gorgeous girl from Oregon, US.

The video that went viral shows little Myla and her dad after both having a fresh shower and wrapped in a blankie. Little Myla and her dad start off a lip syncing contest to the Maroon 5 song looking at themselves in the bathroom mirror. Myla’s mom is recording the adorable video.

Watch Little Myla Lip Sync Over “Girls Like You” with Dad

Myla’s mother, Trina, uploaded the cute video on her Instagram page @mydarlingmyla and the video blew up. The video has accumulated over 850K likes and over 4.4 million views over the past 5 days.

“One heck of a lip syncer,” called Trina about Myla in the caption of the post and the video stands evident to her words. Trina has cleverly tagged @theellenshow on the post, so it would not be a surprise if little Myla appears on The Ellen Shown in near future.

You can keep in touch with the Wessons family on their official Instagram page, Twitter handle or on YouTube, where Trina posts mommy pictures and videos.

Comment below if you melted inside watching this adorable little girl lip syncing in the comfort of her dad. Have you seen anything purer and beautiful than this?

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