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Dua Lipa Jumps on Jimmy Kimmel’s Bed in Skimpy Outfit Singing “Electricity”

Jimmy Kimmel must be blessed with one hell of a wife to allow for him to take part in these random skits in the middle of the night. It surprises us to find out that all these pranks are Kimmel’s wife’s ideas. It all started with Rihanna waking Jimmy Kimmel in the middle of the night by crashing his bedroom. The tradition continued with midnight appearances from Britney Spears and then Miley Cyrus.

The last edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live showed the latest prank played by Molly-Kimmel’s wife, on him. In the latest prank, Dua Lipa joins a group of weirdly dressed and decorated people and women to wake Kimmel up in the middle of the night.

This time around, Dua Lipa uses her latest hit single “Electricity” to wake Jimmy up. Dua Lipa puts on her “Electricity” music video outfit-which is very less clothes and jumps on Jimmy’s bed and screams the song out until he wakes up.

You would think Jimmy Kimmel would be prepared for such a sneak attack by having exposed to the same attack 3 times before. But he looks as bewildered as the first time.

Watch Dua Lipa Prank Jimmy Kimmel

Back in 2015, Rihanna crashed Jimmy’s sleeping pad with her hit single “B*tch Better Have My Money.” And they actually threw cash on Jimmy who was waking up barely able to comprehend what is going on. Watch the video below.

Back in 2016, things were taken to a whole other level with Britney Spears joining in on the streak of pranks. She played her hit single “Make Me” and danced on his bed with the help of some half-naked men. Watch the video below.


Just 4 months back, Miley Cyrus joined the streak and she performed a very loud and noisy “Wrecking Ball” stunt on the sleepy Jimmy. Her prank was complete with an artificial wrecking ball and a sledgehammer. Watch the video below.

Looks like poor Jimmy is going to suffer a few nights a year at the fate of his wife’s motives.

Who do you think or want next to prank Jimmy Kimmel? Shoutout in the comments below.

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