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Major Lazer Premiers “Blow That Smoke” Collab with Tove Lo (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Major Lazer has returned with a major collaboration with Tove Lo. The new single “Blow That Smoke” is the first collaboration between the group and the Swedish singer. The massively catchy tune on this track is categorized ‘electro-bop.’

Along with the release of the single today, we got an animated dance video. The Jamaican-bop beat makes it hard not to break into a dance for this song. Tove Lo confirmed on Twitter that there is a music video coming for “Blow That Smoke.”

The song drops ahead of Tove Lo’s new music coming in a few days. #BlueLips

Watch “Blow That Smoke” Lyric Video

The lyrics to the song are all about feel-good vibes. Tove Lo’s vocals do a perfect job of adding some serenity to the song.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Blow That Smoke”

Verse 1

‘Darkness’ refers to moments when you feel or are let down. These times make anyone emotional and vulnerable. However, nobody can just lay down and wait for the darkness to pass. They have to light up something. Sometimes a white lie may help you or somebody else to light up the darkness.


‘Blowing the smoke’ in this song refers to blowing wind at a fading fire (smoke) so that the fire will ignite once more. Tove Lo hints that ‘love’ will be the fire that brights up somebody’s dark times.

She says she does not want just memories. She wants to keep the blaze of love alive. She wants the full experience, not just memories.

A broken bed may refer to a distorted house or a relationship, and she is losing her mind. However, this crazy madness of love is so good for her. She feels so good in love.

Verse 2

Tove Lo says that her lover is living the life. Pretty pictures of probably nice hotels, exotic holidays, jewellery and what not makes her dream of sharing them with him someday. But he is deceiving-may be this is why she is losing her mind in the madness.

However, the singer says she is in too deep in this relationship that she cannot back down now. She is invested in this crazy ride that is called love.

“Blow That Smoke” single is definitely a catchy tune and the music video is going to be fire. We can already imagine a dozen models dancing in a frenzy to this beat.

Do let us know what you think about this song by Major Lazer and Tove Lo. How good was Tove Lo on vocals on this track? Share this article with your friends as well.

Full Lyrics to “Blow That Smoke” by Major Lazer


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