Eminem Buys Out Full Detroit Theatre for Free ‘Bodied’ Movie Screening

Amidst the production and chaos of ‘Kamikaze‘ album release, Eminem also got hands in with the new movie production ‘Bodied.’ Winding around a comic perspective of a young, skinny and white male rising up in the echelons of underground battle rap, he has to use his wits and smooth flows to win the ring. Sounds quite like Eminem’s story, minus the comedic aspect, but this is an entirely different storyline.

Joseph Khan who has contributed massively in music video production is the director of ‘Bodied’ movie. The movie is set to world premiere on November 2, 2018. The movie also has a YouTube premiere on November 28th.

Eminem did not wait around to promote his new movie production. The legend MC announced today on Instagram that he has bought all the tickets to two screenings of ‘Bodied’ movie at a theatre in Detroit. All fans are welcome to join a free movie screening.

Eminem Buys Out Entire Theatre for ‘Bodied’ Screening

If you are in Detroit, you might be in luck!

Head over to AMC 20 in Sterling Heights on both Friday (Nov 2nd) and Saturday (Nov 3rd) for the 6.40pm show and you might get yourself a free seat for the movie. Better get there a bit early, because the queue is going to be insane and it is first come, first serve basis only.

If you live elsewhere, here is the link to check out the theatres screening ‘Bodied’ movie from today onward.

Watch the quite hilarious ‘Bodied’ trailer below.

Have you watched the movie yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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