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LSD Premiers Dreamy and Groovy Single “Mountains” (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Labrinth, Sia and Diplo who has formed the supergroup ‘LSD,’ have reunited for another hit. The new single is titled “Mountains” and is an actual love song. The song release comes after their massive hit track “Thunderclouds.”

“Mountains” is expected to be a part of LSD’s upcoming collaborative album ‘Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Presents LSD.’ Other tracks included in the album are “Genius,” “Thunderclouds” and “Genius.”

The new single “Mountains” speak of love and is self-motivating. The song starts off a dreamy lullaby and jolts into a groovy dance track after the first chorus. As usual, we find Sia and Labrinth fuse vocals into a sweet harmony which we have witnessed in the previous works.

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The song could be referred to a cheesy love song as “Mountains” start off with a lovestruck confessional about each other. Labrinth says he breathes her and Sia says she kisses the ground he walks on. Hope this is not literal!

‘Mountains’ usually mean or stand for struggles in life. Mountains are an uphill battle, often difficult, however, when you conquer the climb, you often end up with an amazing view. Moving mountains stand for spearheading through life’s difficulties. Their love is so strong that any problem that they come across are easily dismissable.

In the second verse, the artists sing about the value of having each other in their lives. They enrich each other, they prosper off of each other. This love is win-win.

Drop down your thoughts about this brand new and kick-ass track by Labrinth, Sia and Diplo. Hopefully, this collaborative trio will continue forever and bless us with sweet chimes of music such as this.

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Full Lyrics to “Mountains” by LSD


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