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Sia Premiers Christmas-Themed “Sing For My Life” Single (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Sia becomes one of the first artists to jump on the Christmas-2018 wagon as she releases a brand new single “Sing For My Life” yesterday. In fact, Sia added three new songs to her 2017 holiday-themed album titled ‘Everyday Is Christmas’ on October 30, 2018. The three new songs are “Round and Round,” “Sing For My Life” and My Old Santa Claus.”

Ironically enough, Sia is singing about fighting for her love in the new single. ‘ts the season for love and Sia seems to be heartbroken. “Love is the hardest, love is a war zone” sings Sia as the sweet chimes of jingle bells complete the music to this new song.

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In the song we find Sia singing about her experience of love in this Christmas season. She confesses that love is hard and messy. But love also brings out the best of us. Balancing these two acts is the greatest battle and joy in life.

‘Black gold’ is a term used to refer to oil. Since the majority of the world’s power is produced by the burning of oil, the value of oil is on a continuous hike. Love can be deceiving like black coloured oil. Only when you uncover its hidden potential, you realize the true value of it. Until you uncover the black gold in your partner, that love is a thousand question marks!

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