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Sinister and Brutal “Life Is Beautiful” by Lil Peep (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Lil Peep just re-released a 2015 track and the world is going crazy. The new single is titled “Life Is Beautiful” and the song speaks of all the ironies of this title in the real world. What starts as “isn’t life beautiful” turns into a “isn’t life horrible” towards the end of the song, and Lil Peep gives enough evidence to support his claims.

The song was initially released in 2015 from Lil Peep’s ‘Feelz’ extended play. This EP includes only 3 track, all of which are dedicated to emphasizing the pitfalls of life.

The 2018 release of the song is with a lyric video, with Lil Peep’s face singing the song in the background. The entire song is one verse, arguing and debating of what really is it about life that is beautiful! The lyric video contains centipedes crawling all over the screen, with murder-themed fonts displaying the lyrics.

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The song takes us through different scenarios in life which could be termed ‘common’ to most of us. So this song is very relatable to most of us who are average working class citizens.

Working every day from sunrise till sunset, bleeding through your hands and feet. Stuck in a cubicle in an office environment and watching all the life being sucked out from everybody around you as well as yours. Isn’t life beautiful?

Your loved ones will pass away eventually, leaving you with nothing but pain. In the end, even the ones alive will find a way to hurt you. You try and contain the tears at your grandpa’s funeral and you get cut off from the next family funeral because you are ‘odd’ that you didn’t cry! What a wonderful life!

Health is a massively deteriorating issue in the world. No matter what medical advances are being made, tumour remains to be an unidentified and deathly aspect in health. And they are getting more and more common each day. Your life will be instantly dragged to zero the day you get diagnosed with a tumour. Shout out to all the cancer survivors. You all are true heroes!

Lil Peep pays his attention to the police brutalities that have been reported all over the USA. They will shoot an innocent civilian and then label him a criminal afterwards. That could be your little brother they shot on the pavement in broad daylight, and you can’t do a single thing about it. Because they are the law! Isn’t this just the typical way!

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Lil Peep even reflects on love in “Life Is Beautiful” single. You think she is the love of your life? She thinks you are insufferable and intolerable. Your chances with her are improbable. When you muster all the guts and wits to proceed in life, there comes a nice, plain and flat wall right in front of you. Comical!

Lastly, Lil Peep assures that if anyone needs a friend, he is there for them. He also asks his fans, if they would come to his funeral, and if they would stop him from trying suicide! But the sad truth of this life is that, we all face the same fate in the end. We all end up six feet under the soil. So what really matters is how many people you save when you walk over the soil. Towards this part of the song, Lil Peep has given up on fidning the beautiful aspects of life. He has his mind set on ‘life is horrible’ by the end of this song.

A truly beautiful reflection on life by Lil Peep in “Life Is Beautiful” resurrection from 2015.

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Full Lyrics to “Life Is Beautiful” by Lil Peep


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