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Watch Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus in “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” Music Video

Miley Cyrus has released a brand new song in collaboration with one of the biggest producers in the industry, Mark Ronson. The new single titled “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” is a mix of Pop, Country and Disco. Along with the song, Miley also premiered the music video which has many messages to be read for the prying eye.

There are many hidden easter eggs in this ‘We Are From LA’ directed music video. Keep an eye out for several ‘Miley’ references in places such as on the side of the highway, ‘wrecking ball with Miley sitting on it’ as a hanging piece in a police car, magazine of the soldier carrying a gun in a helicopter, ‘Tennesse’ license plate on the car that Miley is driving, “23” music video snaps hanging in the front dashboard of the helicopter, rubber ducks from “BB Talk” video, and other general references such as football players kneeling down, a shopping frenzy as a nod to Black Friday, and something that symbolizes crucifixion in the last bit of the video.

Miley Cyrus might be trying to say that she is running away from her past. The many references to her past and her speeding past them might suggest that she is looking for a brand new start. The crucifixion at the end of the video is another sign.

Watch “Nothing Breaks Like a Hear” Video

Is she coming back to her roots? Is she coming back to Tennessee spirit? What do you think video and song means? Drop a comment below.

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