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Listen to “Nowhere” by Clean Bandit, Rita Ora and KYLE (Lyrics Review)

Clean Bandit premiers back-to-back singles from their 2018 album ‘What Is Love’ released on November 30. “Nowhere” featuring Rita Ora and KYLE follows yet another amazing single “Out At Night” featuring KYLE and Big Boi.

“Nowhere” is the 10th track on the album, among other major successes like “Symphony” featuring Zara Larsson, “Baby” featuring Luis Fonsi and Marina, “Solo” featuring Demi Lovato and “Rockabye” featuring Anne-Marie and Sean Paul.

“Nowhere” speaks about a girl following her crush to the ends of the world. She does not know where their relationships is going to end. Hence, she feels like she is following him ‘nowhere.’

Listen to “Nowhere” by Clean Bandit, Rita Ora and KYLE

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Rita Ora sings about her affection for this guy. Even if their relationship s struggling, she wishes to follow him everywhere. There have been quite a few “sugar-coated mirrors and lies” in the relationship, but she is still hooked. The song is mostly the singer questioning herself of her decisions to follow this guy.

Rita Ora sings that somewhere deep within her, there is a part of her that still believes this relationship can work. That is her reason to keep following this guy blindly.

However, KYLE’s verse on “Nowhere” puts a spin on this song. In one line he says he loves her lies, sarcastically. He also goes on to say that she makes ‘him’ sound so amazing. Here, ‘him’ is not KYLE, which means she has someone else on her mind as well.

Looks like this relationship is going south very soon. Rita Ora hangs in for a miracle while thinking about other people. KYLE waits for Rita Ora to clean her act and be with him, while he goes around sleeping. Impending doom!

What do you think about this amazing collaboration between Clean Bandit, Rita Ora and KYLE? Drop your thoughts on the song and the lyrics in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Nowhere” by Clean Bandit, Rita Ora and KYLE


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