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Stunning “Rewrite the Stars” Performance by Anne-Marie and James Arthur on X Factor UK 2018

Anne-Marie and James Arthur released their rendition of “Rewrite the Stars” from ‘The Greatest Showman’ movie soundtrack, last week. Soon after the duo got invited to perform the song on X Factor UK 2018 live. James Arthur is a former X Factor winner in the year 2012.

The final round of The X Factor UK 2018 was held on December 3rd 2018, where finalists Dalton Harris and Scarlett Lee competed head to head in a heated set of rounds. Dalton Harris emerged victorious on X Factor UK 2018 after delivering an emotional single “Power Of Love.”

Anne-Marie and James Arthur set the stage for the grand final that night with their latest collaboration “Rewrite the Stars.” The original song is performed by Zac Efron and Zendaya from ‘The Greatest Showman’ movie soundtrack. Needless to say, Anne-Marie and James Arthur had amazing chemistry, much like in the music video released for the song.

Watch Anne-Marie and James Arthur Perform “Rewrite the Stars” Live

James Arthur started off the performance solo on stage and was later joined by Anne-Marie dressed in all-pink. She arrived on to the stage in a floating chair and was welcomed to the stage by Arthur.

This is a truly stunning performance to remember and a solid moral booster for the contestants of the night.

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