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Meek Mill – What’s Free Ft. Rick Ross and Jay-Z (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Meek Mill dropped his fourth studio album ‘Championships’ on November 30, 2018, and things have been heating up in hip-hop ever since. The 19-track album serves up a plethora of subjects in different styles to be enjoyed by every music fan out there. The album does not just resort to flaunting Meek’s riches and success, but it also talks about some crucial aspects in modern society. “What’s Free” is such a track speaking about the modern-day candy-coated slavery in the society.

“What’s Free” is written by Carlos “6 July” Broady, Nashiem Myrick, Tarik Azzouz, StreetRunner, Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Meek Mill, and runs up to 6 minutes in playtime. The song also samples “What’s Beef?” by The Notorious BIG.

Meek Mill revealed on Twitter, that “What’s Free” is his personal favourite on the ‘Championships’ album.

Much of the song’s content by Meek Mill has to do with his imprisonment in 2017. This did not stop him from speaking out loud on the injustices of the judicial system. He was released on probation in April 2018.

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The chorus of the song lays out the message of the song. According to Meek Mill, he does not believe that nobody is truly free as long as they are brainwashed by the media, the unjust laws, discrimination and harassment. He also says that no matter how big he has become, he has always relied on his true friends. Meek Mill also admits to doing some mistakes in his life and prays that his friends will be able to stay out of jail.

Rick Ross gets quite aggressive with his lyrics on the song. He calls ‘Mona Lisa’ a “bitch” questioning why a painting gets so much attention when in real life people are so broken and uncommitted. Rick Ross also talks about his dominance in the industry since 2006 when he dropped his debut album ‘Port of Miami.’ This was all before the Kendrick Lamar’s got in the game.

Jay-Z brings on the boss game in “What’s Free.” He talks about his entrepreneurship rather than his music acclamations. Jay-Z boasts about his partnership with D’USSÉ cognac brand, and Head of Global Strategy of the company. He boasts about his ownership of ‘Ace of Spades,’ an Armand de Brignac champagne brand. He talks about his 50% ownership of RocNation-an entertainment agency, and TIDAL music platform which he owns fully.

Read the full lyrics to this spectacular music work by Meek Mill below and leave a comment on your thoughts of this collaboration.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “What’s Free” by Meek Mill


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