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Get Motion Sickness with Tove Lo’s New Video “Cycles” (Review)

Tove Lo usually comes up with creative ideas for her music videos. In her “Habits” video, we saw her on a body cam. In “Disco T*ts” we saw her having an unnatural relationship with a muppet. She even released an entire visual album titled ‘Fairy Dust.’ This time, she has released a music video for “Cycles” and we can say the video matches the song title perfectly.

“Cycles” song appears in Tove Lo’s 2017 album ‘Blue Lips,’ which is considered as ‘Phase II’ of her 2016 album ‘Lady Wood.’ The 2017 album included hit tracks such as “Disco Tits” and “bitches.” The brand new video is directed by Malia James and is in entirety Tove Lo spinning in circles for the video.

The lyrics to “Cycles” speak about how our life usually tends to go in circles-same situations, same people, same outcomes. This song specifically speaks about the monotonous routine of starting and ending relationships.

Watch “Cycles” Video by Tove Lo

The 31-year-old Swedish singer told Fuse, what this song means to her;

“It’s a song about kind of admitting to being a love junkie. just kind of falling in and out of relationships and being a bit reckless with that.”

The neon lights in the background that fade away into a blur and Tove Lo’s sizzling hot dress getting lit up and soaked in darkness makes us feel as if we are stuck in the cycle of life.

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