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Halsey and Jade Chynoweth’s “Without Me” Choreography at The Voice is Too Sexy!

It comes as a little wonder of how many live performances of “Without Me” has been done so far. The singer performed it at 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, at Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball 2018 and Dick Clarks New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2019. Halsey has had major success with her 2018 single, which reached #1 on Billboard Hot 100 in the second week of the new year 2019. Just days ago, she released a steamy hot, vertical video for the song.

Halsey was invited to perform at the grand finale of The Voice Season 15. The finale that took place on 17th and 18th December 2018, was kick-started by Halsey with a stunning performance of “Without Me.” Flipping on the gender roles on the lyrics of the song, and adding some electrifying choreography, Halsey was joined by the American actress and dancer Jade Chynoweth. Together, they delivered a quite sexy and hot performance live.

After this performance, Halsey announced her appreciation of the act on Twitter;

“Represention matters. Thanks @NBCTheVoice for giving a space for this vision to come to life. 🦋 and thank you @JadeChynoweth for being an incredible human who used her body like the ultimate instrument for this collaboration.”


Watch Halsey Perform “Without Me” Live at The Voice 2018 Finale

As electrifying this performance was, many homophobic comments were thrown at the performance after the video got released on social media. Halsey immediately stepped up to shut down the haters.

According to this Instagram post by Halsey, this live performance of “Without Me” is dedicated to ‘wlw couples.’ ‘wlw’ stands for ‘women-loving-women,’ not necessarily in a sexual manner.

In a later Tweet, Halsey expressed how she was pleased that homophobic fans were pissed off at this performance; “Very proud of the emotional performance i did with @JadeChynoweth on @NBCTheVoice tonight. And also very proud to have pissed off thw homophobic viewers at home who missed the message. Thanks for watching. 🖤🦋.”

What is your opinion of this steamy performance by Halsey and Jade Chynoweth? Too much for TV or about time? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Check out Jade Chynoweth’s dance choreographs on her Instargam handle:

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