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BHAD BHABIE Taps in Tory Lanez for “Babyface Savage” Video

Bhad Bhabie kicks off the new year 2019 in style with new music and visuals featuring Tory Lanez. It was hard to believe that her musical career would last this long, but she has proven all of us wrong. And the new song “Babyface Savage” is a good example to prove that she has been improving over the years.

Danielle Marie Bregoli AKA ‘cash me outside, how ’bout dat” AKA Bhad Bhabie sprung into the media spotlight through her appearance in an episode of Dr. Phill in 2016. She became a meme and now she is a charting superstar. She has had several successful hits such as “Gucci Flip Flops,” “Hi Bich” and “These Heaux” in the last year. She also worked with Ty Dolla $ign on “Trust Me.” Her new single “Babyface Savage” is as savage as ever, and she is only 15-years-old now. Yes, she flaunts a ‘baby face.’

Bhabie’s spit-fire vocals are quite impressive in this new song, while Tory Lanez asserts his dominance in this song as well. The music video features a lot of neon lights, along with some masked dudes in chains and iron bars.

This is the first time Tory Lanez and Bhad Bhabie have worked together, and the fans seem to love it.

Watch “Babyface Savage” Music Video

“Comin’ out hard like ’88 (It’s Tory), make a bitch levitate
Babyface savage, bitch, I don’t play Patty Cake
Charms in the carrot cake, carats in the Patek face
Cop a new coupe, no top, that’s the Cali’ way”

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In 2018, Time Magazine ranked Danielle Bregoli at #15 on ‘Time’s Most Influential Teens of 2018’ list considering her record deal signing with Atlantic Records, “These Haeux” entering the Billboard Hot 100 chart making her the youngest female rapper ever to chart, and 15+ million following on social media. What did you do when you were 14?

Drop in your thoughts and ideas about this Canadian teen’s foot mark in the music industry. Yay or nay?

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