kehlani nights like this ty dolla $ign lyrics video review

Kehlani Drops New Single “Nights Like This” with Ty Dolla $ign (Lyrics Review)

Kehlani kicked off her new year 2019 with a brand new single and a music video for her portfolio. The 23-year-old American singer gets the assistance from Ty Dolla $ign for the new “Nights Like This” single and video. However, the music video is a complete turn of events from the lyrics meaning of the song.

Kehlani first premiered “Nights Like This” on Beats Radio 1 with Zane Lowe and teased the music video stills on her Twitter handle. Looking at the stills, one could easily come to the conclusion that the upcoming song would be about some futuristic robot. However, reading the lyrics, we realize that Kehlani sings of being betrayed by her ex-lover in a relationship.

Kehlani summed up the gist of the song in a later Tweet, quite hilariously;

found her on my porch..
she needed help.. i’m 2 nice.
brought her 2 da lab..
after fixing her, i introduce her to being human.
she realizes i have a soul and she doesn’t.
she BIG MAD. decides to steal my humanity. doesn’t want Ty to snitch.. kills him too.

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In the lyrics of “Nights Like This,” however, we find Kehlani talking about how and what went wrong in her past relationship. That boy was slick, he would play the part when it came to stealing her heart, but there was never more. Kehlani questions what is the reason for this distant love? What we can assume is that this love is something entirely built up in Kehlani’s head. He was never in love to begin with.

Kehlani confirmed that she made the video when she was six months pregnant with her daughter. In the music video, when the robot woman touches Kehlani’s head, her thought process includes visions of her daughter as well.

More importantly, Kehalni has an entirely new persona in “Nights Like This.” She plays the role of a young woman, quite the introvert because it seems like Ty is her only friend. She has her hair grown, and down. She has all her tattoos covered in comfy clothing. Is this a new Kehlani we are seeing?

What do you think about this brand new single and music video by Kehlani and Ty Dolla $ign? Drop a comment below.

Full Lyrics to “Nights Like This” by Kehlani

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