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XXXTentacion Gets an Animated Video for “Sauce!” (Review)

XXXTentacion’s bandwagon released his second posthumous album ‘XXXTentacion Presents: Members Only, Vol.4’ early this year and we have been able to witness several more songs by the late rapper. ‘Members Only’ is a rap group formerly led by X, and the new album comes merely after two months since X’s first posthumous album ‘SKINS‘ dropped in late 2018.

“Sauce!” is a remix of an original done by X in February 2018. Bass Santana reproduced the track and adjusted the beat to be included in the newest ‘Members Only’ album. It contains several more tracks touched by X such as “Gassed Up,” “Touch Eem Body,” “Make Eem Run,” “Rebirth (2016)” and more.

“Sauce!” video is an animation done by Tristan Zammit and is a constant reminder that X is no longer with us. There is a range of comments on the video from “being used as a cash cow” to “keeping his memory alive” surrounding these new releases since his passing in June 2018.

Tristan Zammit is also credited for the animated video done for “Bad!” music video.

Watch “Sauce” Animated Video by XXXTentacion

The song is an ode to being hip. ‘Sauce’ is word used to mean good fashion sense.

“Pull up on your shawty, I put sauce on it (Like I fuckin’ spilled)
Sauce on ya, nigga, got the sauce on me (Like I fuckin’ killed)”

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