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XXXTentacion Premiers “BAD!” Music Video (Review)

XXXTentacion is more likely to keep releasing new music even in his passing. The 20-year-old rapper was shot dead in June 2018 in his hometown Florida. However, this did not stop the artist’s camp from releasing new music such as “Moonlight,” “Arms Around You” and “Falling Down,” and eventually releasing his third studio album ‘SKINS.’

The rapper’s YouTube channel just announced that there is going to be a music video for X’s hit single “BAD!.” The cover image featured a graphic of X staring into a blinding light. What does it all mean? The video is released on December 14, at 11PM EST time.

Make sure to check out our lyrics analysis of the song before you watch the video below.

Watch “BAD!” Music Video by XXXTentacion

The graphic video animated and directed by Tristan Zammit (@tristious), shows X in an emotional turmoil symbolized by vines that overgrow him. The video also shows X with some supernatural powers of projecting lightning with his bare hands.

The video also opened up a contest for “BAD!” animations available at X’s official website

X’s recent album ‘SKINS’ revealed a lot about his personality and his emotional struggles growing up. We also looked back at X’s massive hit “Jocelyn Flores” from 2017 that is being referenced again in the new album.

Drop in your thoughts about this new video by X and what are your expectations for other music videos from the new album? Leave a comment below.

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