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Labrinth, Sia, Diplo (LSD) – No New Friends (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The music supergroup LSD containing Labrinth, Sia and Diplo have released a brand new song in pursuit of their debut studio album release expected very soon. The new track titled “No New Friends” is an immediate headbanger.

Labrinth, Sia and Diplo AKA LSD are preparing to release their debut collaborative album ‘Labrinth, Sia & Diplo present… LSD.’ The album is expected on April 12, 2019. So far, this album has produced many hits such as “Genius,” “Thunderclouds,” “Mountains” and “Audio.” And the new single is expected to follow its predecessors in success.

The boppy new single “No New Friends” bases around the love story of two, where they are perfectly content with each other that they don’t even need any new friends for their company.

Labrinth and Sia does an amazing job, as usual, on this upbeat and catchy tune. Listen to the song below.

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“No New Friends” is an absolutely beautifully crafted adoration of one another in a relationship. The song starts off with a strong exchange of “You’re the king” and “You’re the queen” by Labrinth and Sia and develops into a full blown bop thereafter.

In the chorus of the song, the two singers claim that this world is full of doubt, may be an indication of how many a relationships crash and burn at the fate of ‘doubt’ and ‘mistrust.’

A ‘champagne dream’ is something one cannot realistically achieve due to financial troubles. Champagnes are usually considered to be expensive among its own class of beverages. This financial situation is supported when the singers say they are in an “endless drought” referring to how dry they are with cash to spend on such luxuries.

However, none of these issues seem to matter to these two love-birds as they chirp very eagerly on “No New Friends.” Even with such difficulties they only rely on each other to find happiness and support. That is some true love!

Throughout the song, the singers scream that they have their “aces out.” This usually refer to the best kind of life they could have. Aces in a card game are usually the strongest of cards. Living life on ‘aces out’ would be living life on a victory note, even though financials may be against you.

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