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ScHoolboy Q – Numb Numb Juice (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

ScHoolboy Q is making a comeback to rap with a brand new single and news of a brand new album coming up soon. The first single off the album titled “Numb Numb Juice” is a short, yet fiery intro to what is about to hit us.

ScHoolboy Q teased a snippet of “Numb Numb Juice” on Instagram on March 13th and the single dropped on March 14, 2019. This track appears in ScHoolboy ‘s upcoming 5th studio album. The release of the album was pushed back due to the passing of Q’s close friend and mentor, Mac Miller.

The new song finds ScHoolboy Q marking a return to rap like a “Jack-in-the-Box.” The rapper also goes against the rap norm and announces that he is relying on a few coins to launch this album. However, his strength would be his “bars up” meaning higher level of lyrics.

The cover art for “Numb Numb Juice” features the rapper driving in a car, the door open, and him holding a red paint roller brush on the ground. The red paint appears like a trail of blood, which is supported by another person in the passenger seat pointing a gun at the camera. This looks like a scene out of the music video.

Watch the “Numb Numb Juice” Video by ScHoolboy Q

You can grab the new single on iTunes and Amazon.

The sing title ‘Numb Numb Juice’ is derrived from the slang ‘num num juice’ which refers to alcohol in some parts of the world.

In the song, Q talks about promiscuous women whom he warns guys not to trust; “That bitch you think you got is not you.” He also goes on to list down a few ways a woman can be deceitful to her man; pretending to be rich when you are broke, gossiping with other promiscuous women, betraying her man, “pulling it out,” and hating on another man.

This could possibly end in violent behaviour as Q states: “We gon’ slide ’em, we lined ’em, straight reclined ’em.”

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Full Lyrics to “Numb Numb Juice” by ScHoolboy Q

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