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Lizzo Taps in Missy Elliott for High “Tempo” Single (Lyrics Review)

Lizzo is all up in her groove to release her third studio album ‘Cuz I Love You’ in April 2019. For this, we get the brand new single and collaboration “Tempo” which makes it very difficult to not to dance. And to make matters more interesting, her fiery side-kick on this track is Missy Elliott.

Lizzo previously released the lead single off the album “Juice” in January 2019 and it was a feisty song of adoration of her body. Another track “Cuz I Love You” that inspired the album title was also released in February this year. “Tempo” is the third release off of the album and is the only collaboration known so far.

The song starts off with a hardcore guitar riff followed by a heavy beat ideal for a booty-shaking dance track.

“Tempo” lyrics have a high sexual undertone sugarcoated in some crafty lyrics. The song stands as yet another anthem for female empowerment and self-love. We hear Lizzo embracing her curvacious figure as a decoration of the beat.

Lizzo talks how heavy-beats as done in “Tempo” are the best matches for “thick bitches” like herself. “Slow songs” are reserved for “skinny ho*s.” The song is also a sultry tease for men who are into thick girls. Lizzo invites skinny boys come eat her cakes to put on some weight. While he is licking “the icing off,’ Lizzo invited him to “put the rest in your face.” Lizzo is also heard mesmerizing about her twerk-able butt. She self-declares her twerking skills as “legendary.”

Missy Elliott joins in on “Tempo” to assist Lizzo on her journey of self-love. She commands some inspirational lines to motivate the “thick girls” to take on the world–be it the dance floor, relationships and even leading families.

This heavy-beat anthem is bound to get a music video. Until such time, lisen to the audio below.

Grab the upcoming album ‘Cuz I Love You’ by Lizzo on iTunes and Amazon.

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