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Lizzo Premiers Retro “Juice” Music Video (Review)

Melissa Jefferson, better known by her stage name Lizzo, is an American alternative hip hop artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The 30-year-old singer and actress released her debut studio album ‘Lizzobangers’ in 2013. Since then, she has released several albums such as ‘VS. (Other People’s Heartaches, Pt. III) (2014),’ ‘Big Grrrl Small World’ (2016)’ and ‘3rd Ward Bounce’ EP in 2018. Lizzo joins the handfull of artists who have released new music in the first week of new year 2019 with her latest single “Juice.”

“Juice” single and the music video was released worldwide on January 4th, 2019. The song is upbeat, happy, trippy and very dance-able. Releasing the song, Lizzo sent a message to her fans on her Twitter handle;



This message was very well received by the fans it seems. There are numerous comments on YouTube and Twitter of how fans are playing and dancing to this song on repeat.

Watch “Juice” Music Video by Lizzo

In the music video, we see Lizzo taking on some serious retro themes all throughout. She brings back the memories of talk shows, fitness commercials, beauty-care product advertisements, and reality competitions on television from the 70s. Her joyful personality, the ecstatic style and her exotic look makes this video an instant banger.

Most importantly, the song is about feeling good about yourself. Lizzo says she is like chardonnay that gets better over time; and she has no worries admitting that she goes overboard on the goose dish that makes her look like a pudding. It always comes down to your own impression of yourself. If you like how you are, be that. If you don’t like how you are, change that. The choice and the power only lies within yourself.

Download “Juice” Single on iTunes and Amazon

Popular social media personality, Mark Kanemura released her own dance version of the “Juice” song. Watch below.

Lizzo’s other major hits include “Good As Hell,” “Truth Hurts,” “Scuse Me,” “Boys” and more. You can check these out on her official YouTube channel.

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