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Watch Elders Twerk to “Senior City Girls Twerk” by City Girls and Cardi B

You might have a cool grandma, but she won’t be as cool as twerking to “Senior City Girls Twerk” music video by City Girls and Cardi B.

City Girls decided to conduct a sort of a social experiment involving some senior citizens in a dance studio. “We went to a dance studio in Los Angeles to teach some Senior City Girls how to twerk… watch to see what happened next,” captioned City Girls upon releasing this new music video on YouTube.

First we see a choreographer attempting to “flex” the grandmas by doing some warm up dance moves. Doesn’t look that impressive, but they certainly show the drive for it. In the latter part of the video, we see pimped up senior citizens breaking it down and twerking to the music of “Twerk” featuring Cardi B.

Watch the senior citizens dancing to “Senior City Girls Twerk” experiment video below.

What sticks with us the most is the “free JT” board held by two elderly women at the end of their dance party. JT of City Girls duo is serving a sentence in prison. Fellow member Yung Miami makes an appearane in the video in the zebra outfit from their “Twerk” music video. Cardi B does not appear in the video, but another girl representing her appears in Cardi B’s tiger costume also from the “Twerk” music video.

“Twerk” single, a collaboration with Cardi B, appears on their latest album ‘Girl Code’ released in November 2018.

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