P!nk hustle lyrics review

P!nk Warns Haters Not to “Hustle” Her and Lose in New Single (Lyrics Review)

P!nk released a surprise single today, even before the heat of her last single and music video “Walk Me Home” passed away. With a gritty undertone in new single “Hustle” the upcoming album ‘Hurts 2B Human’ is shaping up to be touching a wide range of emotions.

While “Walk Me Home” turned out to be an emotional tribute to a lover, “Hustle” is a complete different warning at another lover. P!nk screams not to try and hustle her because they will surely end up being hustled and hurt. Either way, the new album seems to be touching on a lot of human emotions.

With the new single release, P!nk also announced the release date of her upcoming album ‘Hurts 2B Human‘ as due on April 26, 2019.

Listen to “Hustle” by Pink below.

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The song speaks about the greatest con or hustle of all time-love. P!nk warns her approachers not to try play games with her because she knows what is up already. In another light, this is a genuine request not to play with her heart. But she has covered up that message with a sassy and a playfully threatening craftmanship.

P!nk proposes that it is better to be left alone that be played with. It is better not to apologize, but make an effort to do no mistake in the first place. P!nk shows no mercy for whoever that played with her heart–she straightup calls him “bitch, please” in these lyrics.

The P!nk we know is back in this new track “Hustle” after taking a soulful break on “Walk Me Home.”

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Find the complete lyrics below.

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