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Khalid – Self (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Khalid just premiered a brand new song off of his upcoming second studio album ‘Free Spirit’ and most of the fans are in shock. The newest release titled “Self” is an unexpected level of self-insight by the young soulful artist.

Khalid is gearing up to release his new album ‘Free Spirit’ on April 5, 2019, and we have already been blessed with “My Bad,” “Better” and “Talk” singles. Soulful as they were, previous songs assumed a pristine state of freedom and happiness within them. However, this new single might just be the most intense song on his portfolio yet.

Khalid talks about himsefl on this new track titled “Self.” He dives into a deep exploration of his ups and downs, mostly downs, and how he copes up with them. In an interview with Beats 1 Radio, Khalid teased about this upcoming track; “One subject matter that I’ve written about is myself. It’s me. How I feel about myself, and how I felt at my low. My lowest point, how I felt about myself.”

Fans were amazed at how moody this new song is, but Khalid went on to tease even ‘sadder’ songs on the upcoming album.

“Self” is the 14th track on ‘Free Spirit’ album.

Get your tissues out and listen to the song below.

Listen to “Self” by Khalid

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In the first verse of “Self,” Khalid talks about his worse competition-himself. “‘Cause the man that I’ve been runnin’ from is inside of me,” says Khalid explaining how only himself has kept him from being happy or finding love. Usually, we have little control over ourselves, and so does Khalid, opening up his humane levels much like any of us.

It becomes a special struggle to save ourselves when we have little control over our inner-selves. And it burns down into a continuous struggle to keep the pain away.

In the chorus of “Self,” Khalid drops some creative insights into his problem at hand. The singer says that he does not need more people to help him. But he would much appreciate some self-reflecting advise which he can use to better himself. Self-reflection is not a strong arm of any of us, and its an aspect that we often tend to overlook. Khalid also questions if revealing his feelings would make him less of a man?

In the second verse of “Self,” Khalid breaks down another aspect of him that he will be working on in the future. He always had a sense of competition within him, that probably made him suffer little things.

Khalid explains that he is changing his behaviour for the better. He is working on his health, and giving up unhealthy competition within himself. Khalid restates that he will continue to be ‘raw’ and bare his soul on his songs–he does not want to be loved for what he does, but rather be remembered for who he is.

In the outro of the song Khalid makes a promise and makes us join on it too. He wishes all of us be a flower that blooms with the Sun.

“Self” is one of a kind reflection on him by Khalid. It takes pure guts to bare ones soul as Khalid does on this song. What do you think about this song by Khalid? Leave a comment below.

Complete Lyrics to “Self” by Khalid

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