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Yelawolf Drops “Rowdy” Single with MGK from ‘Trunk Muzik 3’ Album

Yelawolf has been releasing freestyles back and forth leading up to his third instalment on the ‘Trunk Muzik’ album series and on one of them, Yela explicitly said that he is going to unleash his mind about MGK on the album. When he said such, the last thing we expected was a collaboration. Nonetheless with the Shady Records label owner Eminem whom MGK had a fueled beef with, in 2018. To have your enemy’s music released under your label takes special kind of patience and high-mind from Eminem.

Yelawolf’s new single “Rowdy” drops with the ‘Trunk Muzik 3’ album release. The single talks about how ‘hard’ both these rappers are, in their respective fields and geographies.

Yelawolf raps about the hardships he had to endure back in the days–dealing with family struggles and police troubles on the street. They had to fight to survive. He also says a ‘thank you’ to his mother for raising him the best she could. Yelawolf goes hard at the current generation of kids who are basically ‘good for nothing.’ Their main accomplishments being popping pills, partying hard and handling liqour well.

Machine Gun Kelly AKA MGK reserves his lyrics on “Rowdy” to the theme at hand. Despite the fueled beef that produced hits such as “Rap Devil” and “KILLSHOT,” MGK does not drag in previous wars onto these new verses. However, he does call himself a ‘soldier’ who does not back away from any challenge put forth in his life.

Listen to “Rowdy” by Yelawolf and MGK below.

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