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Charli XCX Announces a Sexy Collab with Lizzo Coming Soon

Charli XCX is up to no good as per her last communications with fans on social media.

On April 30, 2019, Charli XCX announced that she is working on new music, but we are yet to hear any new beats from her camp. All she shared were some glamorous photoshoots which she took part in.

just so you know angels – i am working on new music and things are coming this year. i know i’m slow sometimes but i want things perfect. this new era will be all things Charli. kind of a continuation of pop 2 but also more Charli than ever before. no compromises, my best yet. πŸ’“

Charli XCX/Twitter

Yesterday, the singer announced that she is recording a music video. She was wearing a very see through plastic bra. So we know things are going to get spicy in whatever the upcoming music.

Today, Charli XCX finally announced that new music is being released next week.

But is this a solo single? A Collaboration?

Charli XCX did not keep her fans in suspense for much longer. Hours later, Charli announced that she will be releasing a brand new collaboration with Lizzo next week.

Coincidentally, Lizzo also Tweeted out a clips of both of them dancing to Lizzo’s hit single β€œTempo” at a concert.

We know we would get a good Bop track by these two artists somewhere within the next week. Stay tuned…

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