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Miley Cyrus – Mother’s Daughter (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Miley Cyrus has released a brand new album ‘She Is Coming’ EP on June 1, 2019. Weeks of teasing and taunting on social media on this extended play comes to an end as she premiered her 2nd EP containing 6 tracks. “Mother’s Daughter” is the first track on the album.

Miley Cyrus first performed “Mother’s Daughter” and “Cattitude” live on BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend held in the last week of May 2019.

“Mother’s Daughter” seems to be addressing Miley’s haters, as she not-so-humbly requests them to leave her to do her own this. One notable reference from the lyrics is “swish swish” which could be a reference to Katy Perry’s hit track “Swish Swish” with Nicki Minaj. Miley also sings “I’m a three-point shooter” a reference to basketball, a game Katy Perry was playing in the same music video. Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry have been in a cold war since 2014.

Listen to “Mother’s Daughter” by Miley Cyrus

The song could also be a tribute to Miley’s mother-Tish Cyrus, who is also known to be a fierce personality. Miley could be saying that she might have inherited her war drums from her mother.

“Something in the water” is a reference to the water being unclean, or different from its natural state. Likewise, Miley wonders if she is a contrasting personality from her parents or if she has inherited her mother’s passions.

Miley Cyrus also pays homage to her mother, who has always believed in her success and tributes her success to her mother.

The new album ‘She Is Coming’ EP is the first part of a trilogy of EPs Miley Cyrus has plans for. The next two EPs will be titled ‘She Is Here’ and ‘She Is Everything.’ Hence, a lot of new Miley music is on the way.

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Complete Lyrics to “Mother’s Daughter” by Miley Cyrus

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