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Machine Gun Kelly – El Diablo (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Just last week, Cleveland-based rapper Machine Gun Kelly teased that he will be releasing new music every week leading up to his fourth studio album ‘Hotel Diablo’ in June 2019. The latest of his release is “El Diablo” released on June 1, 2019.

“El Diablo” single follows MGK’s last week’s release “Hollywood Wh0re,” which took on the subject of commercialism and consumerism in the music industry. In the latest release, MGK seems to be talking about his competition and how far ahead he believes he is.

“Ela Diablo” is produced by Ronny J, who also joined MGK previously to produce the Eminem diss track “Rap Devil.”

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The first verse of “El Diablo” can be thought of as provoking. Machine Gun Kelly uses a lot of “em” phrases for shortening “them” which is used to address his competition. However, the well-known fact is that ‘Eminem’ shortened is also “em.” In such light, MGK speaks to his fans about the infamous “Rap Devil” vs “Killshot” rap feud between the two. MGK says that he loves his competition too, which in this circumstance would be the Stans.

MGK goes on to talk about the battle with Eminem, as he says he resurrected Eminem just to bury him again with his diss track “Rap Devil.” He also boasts that he was one of the very few to have called “Fuck Eminem” and survived.

Machine Gun Kelly also talks about refuelling the rap ‘beef’ if it should come to that. And he promises to eat ‘Em’ up this time. The rapper uses some creative connections between ‘beef’ meat and eating it up vs ‘beef’ the feud and defeating the enemy. He promises that he will beat ‘Em’s’ a*s the next time.

The bridge of the song talks about MGK’s haters, and how he believes he has fathered a school of rappers different from anything that has been there before. MGK reveals that he often gets judged for his looks, but he is all about his words and flow.

The remainder of “El Diablo” seems to address the journey MGK has made from being penniless to being one of the mainstream rappers today. All the haters from back in the day, now pay to watch him play.

Let us hear what you think about this brand new track by MGK and the referencs to ‘Em’ in the first verse. Drop a comment below.

Complete Lyrics to “El Diablo” by Machine Gun Kelly

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