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Katy Perry Wins BB Match Inspired by Nicki Minaj in “Swish Swish” Music Video

After teasing a snippet of the “Swish Swish” video, Katy Perry has released the full length music video for her hit single. The entire video is based around a basketball match between two teams-Tigers and Sheeps. You probably can imagine what her team is. The video is 6 and half minutes long which includes a game commentary and a team player introduction too. Nicki Minaj appears as herself and she looks stunning as always.

Coached by Molly Shannon, Katy “Kobe” Perry is the leader of ‘Tigers’ and is a very clumsy basketball player who cannot even hold on to the ball. The ‘Sheeps’ coached by Terry Crews, is made up of huge muscular men and women. The ‘Sheeps’ score 24 to 0 against the Tiger in the first half and the halftime show is done by Nicki Minaj. She performs her verse and inspired Katy Perry to get back on the game saying “get it together Katy” and passing the ball on to her.

Watch “Swish Swish” Music Video

Your game is tired
You should retire
You’re ’bout as cute as
An old coupon expired
And karma’s not a liar
She keeps receipts

The “Swish Swish” video is not only hilarious, but star studded. The video features Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin from “Stranger Things”) and her backpack dancer Russell Horning along with NBA legend Bill Walton as an announcer, Molly Shannon as a referee.

This video is being released just three days prior to the 2017 VMAs which is being hosted by Katy Perry herself. Any guesses if she will perform too?

What did you think of this hilarious “Swish Swish” music video directed by Dave Meyers? We found it entertaining and excitable. What are your thoughts on the video? Let us know in the comments below.

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