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Chris Brown Premiers “Undecided” Single and Video (Lyrics Review)

Brand new music video “Undecided” from Chris Brown’s upcoming album ‘Indigo.’ The video starts off quite arbitrary with Chris Brown messing with some supernatural balloon that kind of opens a rift in the time-space continuum. Either way, the video transforms into a classic Chris Brown-dance track. Chris Brown’s dancing partner in “Undecided” is Seraya from the hit TV series ‘Empire.’

This classic R n B track has an unbelievably ‘feel-good’ vibe. It has a theme park, a massive moon, the ocean, carnival games, cotton candy and fireworks in the video, with Brown and Seraya’s electric dance moves. A small easter egg you might have missed in the video is the album name ‘Indigo’ appearing at 1:34 minute and 4:34 minute marks in the video.

Releasing the new song Chris Brown Tweeted;

“#UNDECIDED is available on all platforms now! Hope y’all love it. Thank you all my fans for the endless support over the years, I’m humbled and grateful to be able to keep creating for you guys. LIVE LAUGH LOVE AND BRING THE ENERGY. Video is out tomorrow!”

Chris Brown/Twitter

Watch “Undecided” Music Video by Chris Brown

Unfortunately enough, Chris Brown is thrown out of the rip in time-space continuum at the end of the video–just before he kisses Seraya.

The song speaks about how Chris Brown is unsure about a longterm relationship with this woman. She is ready to be ‘wifed,’ but he is indecisive if he wants to commit to something so serious. He prefers to keep his relationships strictly sexual. No heartbreaks!

We will be in for a treat with the new music coming in the new year 2019 by Chris Brown. Stay sharp for the #indigoseason

Read the complete lyrics below.

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