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Jonas Brothers – Hesitate (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Hesitate” is the 12th track on the brand new re-union album ‘Happiness Begins’ by Jonas Brothers. In an interview with Billboard magazine, Nick Jonas said that this song was about Joe Joans’ fiancée and now-wife Game Of Thrones star-Sophie Turner.

‘Happiness Begins’ is the fifth studio album by Jonas Brothers and comes after a five-year hiatus since the band splitting up. The group announced their reunion early 2019 and came back strong with a brand new single and video “Sucker” which also featured all the girlfriends and wives of the Brothers.

“Hesitate” is a ballad about trying times in a relationship, and how the Brothers would ensure that their loved ones don’t feel lost or uncared for. The underlying theme of the song is that they won’t hesitate to save their spouses from heartache, pains and difficult times.

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The lyrics to the song also speak about the maturity of the brothers when it comes to relationships; “won’t get scared, that’s the old, old, old me.” This time they will take care of things differently, take responsibility and buckle up for both of them.

The chorus also speaks about a time when their partners saved them. Now they are forever in debt and they will return the favour, forever. The second verse also iterates how the Brothers will never leave their partners no matter how hard things get. Whatever thrown at them, they vow to face and conquer together. This is the most beautiful kind of love.

The song is a beautiful ballad of love and Jonas Brothers do full justice to preserve the serenity of the song.

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Complete Lyrics to “Hesitate” by Jonas Brothers

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