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Chris Brown – No Guidance Ft. Drake (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“No Guidance” is the highly anticipated collaboration between Chris Brown and Drake after the two squashing their beef in late 2018 at a Drake concert.

“No Guidance” appears on the upcoming ninth studio album titled ‘Indigo‘ by Chris Brown. The album already featured three singles “Undecided,” “Back To Love” and “Wobble Up,” the latter featuring rappers G-Eazy and Nicki Minaj. ‘Indigo’ album is set to contain 30 tracks coinciding with Chris Brown’s age in 2019.

The song’s intro samples a verse from “Before I Die” track by Che Ecru. The lyrics speak about how the singers fall in hard for this girl who has it all going towards her success.

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Drake and Chris Brown describe the nature of this girl in subject in the song as a wild girl with an aura of independence. She has a high sex drive and a perfect figure to go along with it. She is the perfect type of girl to make a guy go crazy.

A luxury ‘bag’ makes two appearances in the song lyrics in two verses. In the first, Drake says that this girl got a pretty bag and she went wild with it. In a latter verse, Chris Brown piles up singing that she got a Birkin bag–a high-end luxury product made by Hermès. These bags could very well cost over $100,000. This bag was all the ego boost this girl needed to take off and succumb to the lux-life.

This girl was brought up with no guidance and she is self-made. Hard work around the clock, pretty looks and dedication got her to where she is today, and both Chris Brown and Drake are lusting over to experience her life.

However, Che Ecru’s verse from “Before I Die” adds a different undertone to the song. The sample spells out how the singer wants to have sex with a girl before he passes away and he wants to leave no legacy behind. His last wish before he parts from the world is one night with this girl.

Still, Chris Brown and Drake swear that they are not playing games with her life or wasting her life by confessing their love to her. They promise not to leave her stranded and heartbroken like her ‘stupid’ exes.

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Complete Lyrics to “No Guidance” by Chris Brown Ft. Drake

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