xxxtentacion hearteater lyrics review

XXXTentacion – Hearteater (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

We are starting to lose count of the works released by XXXTentacion since his passing on June 18, 2018, after being fatally shot. Posthumously X released singles and albums (‘SKINS,’ ‘Members Only Vol. 4’) and today there is new music out by the name of “Hearteater.”

“Hearteater” releases as a token of appreciation for X’s Instagram page request to follow @iamlibertycity charity page and get it to 30,000 followings. In an interview with Billboard magazine, X’s manager, Solomon Sobande, revealed that this song will be a part of X’s fourth studio album (second posthumous album) titled ‘Bad Vibes Forever.’

More interestingly enough, the cover art for “Hearteater” shows XXXTentacion’s ex-girlfriend, Geneva Ayala, eating a heart. In a voice note released by X in April 2018, he mentions how he plans to include his ex in the music video; “I’ll include my ex in a weird way. I feel like tying her into it makes the video amazing, and it-it almost, like, really captures everyone’s minds and gives me the power that I truly deserve.”

Listen to “Hearteater” by XXXTentacion

The song is also about X’s ex-girlfriend Geneva Ayala. X and Geneva had a troubled relationship, in which Geneva cheated on X while he was in prison for armed robbery in July 2016. She constantly accused of being physically and verbally abused by X, which also sent him back to prison.

Hence, the song questions why Geneva pretended as though she loved him and turned her back on him! Being in love and being mentally out of love is a dangerous place to live in. XXXTentacion felt as if his heart was being eaten alive. When he was barely breathing, she had a surprised look on her face! Could it mean that she intended his life to end?

For the most part of the song, X is heard playing a solo guitar while screaming out the lyrics of the song. The song is identified to be one of Jahseh’s earliest works and his producer thought this song “deserved a second life.”

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