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Watch Tove Lo’s Sexy “Sweettalk My Heart” Music Video

Tove Lo’s 2019 album ‘Sunshine Kitty‘ provided us with some great entertainment. From hits such as “Glad He’s Gone” and “Bad as the Boys,” the album is one of Tove Lo’s best works yet. “Sweettalk My Heart” is the fourth track on the album, and the music video was premiered on October 23, 2019.

Releasing the album on 20th September 2019, Tove Lo spoke what this song means to her with Apple Music; “This was the first song I wrote where I felt, ‘Am I making my fourth album right now? Is this where it’s going to go?’ This song is about being happy with the ability to be naive when it comes to love. It’s not about being cynical, it’s about choosing to believe someone because you feel them in the moment.”

It seems as if Tove Lo has perfected the art lyric videos. She appeared, solo, in both lyric videos for “Glad He’s Gone” and “Sweettalk My Heart.” She adopts a carefree, almost-free flowing dance pattern in both music videos, and we surely can enjoy it. Tove Lo dedicated the song to all the hopeless romantics out there; “Any hopeless romantics like me out there? This one is for you. I’m yours, now. 💕”

The music video, directed by Charlie Twaddle, shows Tove Lo dancing in a bedroom, with floral wall paintings. The singer appears wearing a very see-through dress in most instances. So watch the video below at your own risk.

Isn’t this the dance we all do to our favourite song, locked inside our bedroom when boredom strikes? Tove Lo dances for all of us introverts!

Tove Lo released the official music video for “Sweettalk My Heart” before the lyric video release, on September 20, 2019.

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