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Iggy Azalea – Lola Ft. Alice Chater (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Fans can always expect something fresh from Iggy Azalea. Much like her global hit “Sally Walker,” this new single and video also present a totally insane idea by Iggy; an insane asylum!

The new single, titled “Lola” is a collaboration with the singer Alice Chater. The song is part of the upcoming EP ‘Wicked Lips’ by Iggy. The album is expected to release in min-November 2019.

As usual, the music video “Lola” is an excessive creation. When a fan questioned Iggy about the effort that went into shooting this video, she replied back; “it took one week to build the rooms, and one day to film in them.” Watching the music video, we can understand why.

The music video is set in an insane asylum in which Iggy Azalea and Alice Chater are permanent patients. The video goes into several rooms where Iggy and Alice re-enact their best insane personalities. Even the safe room, with cushion walls all around, has been creatively decorated. Iggy and Alice also change into a handful of costumes throughout the music video. There is never a dull moment in “Lola” video. Watch below.

“Lola” song is a dedication to the ‘loca’ inside all of us. The lyrics sing about the craziness in all of us, especially those girls who have their stuff together. It drives them insane to not be successful. When you become independent enough on your own and have a handle on life, it might look like insanity to outsiders. But you keep your head high and move on. You embrace the ridicule.

The second verse of “Lola” gives an explanation into the inner workings of Iggy’s mind. She does what she likes and she doesn’t have anyone to tell her otherwise. This might seem insane or even provoke jealousy in others. But she is not about that life of pleasing others. She will not be held back by anyone and she will not be played around. Iggy and Alice are their own selves on their own, and that is true power!

The second verse of “Lola” also gives a shout out to Ricky Martin’s 1999 hit “Livin’ la Vida Loca,” also a song about moody and unstable personalities. Iggy also namedrops the province of Nova Scotia, Canada and Minnesota, USA to tell her how cold she is on the inside. The two geographies mentioned experience some of the worst winters in the world.

The underlining message of the song is that no matter what the world screams at you, you keep on shining and doing your thing!

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