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Camila Cabello – Living Proof (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

As promised by Camila on a Twitter post two days before, she released the fifth single off her upcoming album ‘Romance’ on November 15, 2019. This new song, titled “Living Proof,” is yet another devotion for her lover. Could it be for Shawn Mendes?

In the announcement post for the single, Camila shared that this song is “is one of the first and one of my favourite songs I wrote for the album.” She also revealed that the new album releases on December 6, 2019. So far we have had the opportunity to listen to singles such as “Shameless,” “Senorita,” “Liar,” “Easy” and “Cry For Me” off the upcoming album.

“Living Proof” has Camila Cabello singing in an unusually high pitch and she nails it. The song follows a theme of being in head-over-hells kinda love for her lover. Announcing the album, Camila mentioned that she wanted “this album to sound like what falling in love feels like.” So far, she has done a good job at keeping to this promise. Watch the official music video below.

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It is not like “Living Proof” is 100% innocent and pure love. There is a thinly veiled sexual undertone spread throughout the lyrics.

Camila Cabello talks about ‘conversations’ with her man, but instead of words, they use their hands. She talks about studying every inch on his body. She also talks about their bodies crashing on to one another.

Camila Cabello references the world-famous painter Van Gogh to tell us how his hands feel on her body. The simile is to how a master artist draws his brush strokes on a canvas so smoothly, elegantly and yet confidently strong. This is how Camila feels when her lover wanders off on her body.

“Hallelujah” is a praise to God in the Hebrew language. This idea makes a vague reference to the practice of calling out God’s name during sex. All the amazing things she sees in him, makes her wonder if God is truly real for sending such a perfect creation into her life.

It is not always a carnal affair between Camila Cabello and her lover. In the second verse, she encourages her lover to open up to her. She assures that there is nothing that would throw her off about him, and she would support him through anything. Both angels and demons are a welcome gift in any relationship.

These feelings of love that she wordsmith into these lyrics feel too real to be forged. It really does sound like she is falling in love all over again in real life, and her remarks on love just might be true.

What do you think about “Living Proof” by Camila Cabello? Too cheesy or the perfect essence of falling in love? Let us know in the comments below.

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