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Falling in Reverse – Popular Monster (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The Nevada-based rockers Falling in Reverse is back with a brand new single “Popular Monster.” This is the band’s second release in 2019, following “Drugs” released early this year. The new song is accompanied by a music video, which is quite graphic, to say the least. Let us take you into the meaning of the lyrics and the visuals of this track.

Fallin in Reverse band released their fourth studio album ‘Coming Home’ in 2017. And they have been releasing a new album every two years. So, these two new songs from 2019 could spell a brand new album in the making. By the looks of the music released so far, this new album is going to be as hardcore rock as possible.

The new song “Popular Monster” deals with the internal struggles of dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. Many rockstars have fallen ill to this deadly trio of diseases. There is an unfathomable lose of sanity and sensitivity for someone undergoing these psychological diseases. These demons roaring inside of you are captured perfectly in the lyrics and the music video. Watch the music video below and be pre-warned that it contains some scenes of gore.

The music video for “Popular Monster” shows Falling in Reverse performing the song in a darkened and abandoned building. This scene makes way to a gruesome murder spree somewhere else in the building. We come to realize, late on in the video, that the band’s frontman, Ronnie Radke, transforms himself into a werewolf and goes on a killing spree. This is an externalization of the inner demons inside of him.

In the first verse of “Popular Monster,” Ronnie tries his best to explain what he is going through. He is neck-deep in his own inner demons and there is no pill to make them go away. His inner demons are a culmination of post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression. This is one of the worst combinations ever and he has no grip on his life. Doctors have the professional opinion that it is just a phase. But this makes the singer even angrier as this is definitely not a phase.

in the chorus of the song, Ronnie Radke admits his mistakes. He admits that he is a liar, a cheater, a non-believer (usually against Christian faith) and worse so a popular monster. The term ‘popular monster’ could allude to his success in the music industry. With an estimated net worth of $4.5 in 2019 and a significant fan base around the world, Ronnie must be enjoying the limelight. But it is not unlikely that these highs have their own downs as well. Popularity also brings in severe privacy restrictions and a blinding spotlight. Your life will be on display and you will be monitored day in and out. One step out of the way of anybody, and you will end up making headlines.

The second verse is yet another reminder of how derailed life is under the effects of depression, stress and anxiety. Nothing makes you feel, and nothing makes you smile anymore. You are constantly feeling trapped inside a maze with no exits. When he tries to break down all the falls around him that trap him, unconsciously he builds more around him. That is his defence mechanism against breaking apart and in turn his own entrapment.

The singer’s therapist seems to be as little help as anyone around him. The therapist is of the opinion that Ronnie is going through a stage and it will pass. But Ronnie knows that he is dealing with this condition for a much longer period than he would care to admit for. Every passing day is a reminder that he is getting closer to his date of expiry, and with him having no grip on reality, the date might come sooner.

In the bridge of the song, Ronnie directs a question at all the believers. He has already confessed to being a non-believer and maybe his condition is due to that. However, in these lyrics, he speaks for the masses. He says “we’re sick and tired” and “we’re searching for the truth.” The idea behind this could be that both believers and non-believes end up with the same fate. So what is the purpose and result of the divine power out there?

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16 thoughts on “Falling in Reverse – Popular Monster (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

  1. Extreme depression is commonly know to be caused by a chemical imbalance within your body and brain. As I agree with this scientific fact depression is not limited to a chemical imbalance. And major trauma is sure to bring these demons upon you and every little thing in life is a reminder of the hell that you experienced. But as most of the comments here are focused on the lyrical and visual development of this incredibly engendered track I would like to highlight on the fantastic job done with the audio and instruments used to further tell the story. Hearing it on a phone or a television set really doesn’t pick up what the band wanted us to understand. Hearing it on a device that has a little bass reflex will really change the experience for those who also listen to what the music is trying to tell you.

    During the verses the music is very soft distant synthesizer and he’s in a calm state expressing his struggles and then as he’s starting to get worked up feeling like he’s going to lash out the music is amping up and lashing out with him. Then he’s just on the verge to break down “not a f-ing phase I just want to feel okay” the bass explodes just as he’s exploding. Then leaving the last chorus entering the bridge he absolutely falls apart and just rages out the guitars explode almost into speed metal bass is off the charts and the song really transforms. Each chord, drum strike or key stroke is telling the exact same story that the lyrics are. I’m the biggest metallica fan out there and dare I say this song is stronger and engendered better than anything I have ever heard. And I have no doubt that this track will save countless lives by people who are trapped within themselves and feel completely alone. This song is the one song I would recommend them to listen to on repeat as loud as possible and use it to hear the struggles and even mosh up the house a bit to let the bottled up energy out. Not really being a huge fan of falling in reverse with this song that’s soon to change.

  2. People do not understand the depth and magnitude of depression, stress and anxiety, and they don’t understand that it’s a silent war that is raging inside of someone. Unseen, unheard, no visible carnage or death, but inside of you, you are fighting a holocaust that’s eating at and destroying your very essence and being. It starts as sadness, loss, grief, hopelessness, self-blame and condemnation and then it grows and morphs. It becomes soul-wrenching hurt and anguish, pain on all levels and every spectrum of your being, and since you cannot fix what’s causing the hurt, it morphs yet again into anger and seething rage because you see no end to the torment. Those who do not suffer from depression, stress and anxiety cannot begin to scratch the surface of what we endure and the hell we go through. So if we suffer this much on earth, imagine what people condemned to hell must feel knowing that it’s eternal.

    That being said, a reminder that I hope will help. Depression exists in the past. Anxiety exists in the future. Stress exists in the present BECAUSE…. we believe that we have no control over our future and we reminisce of happy times in the past. We DO have control over our future because it hasn’t happened yet! We can choose our pathway into the future in the present. That means that we must stop, think clearly about what our options are and choose accordingly. If this helps only one person conquer depression, stress and anxiety, then my life on earth hasn’t been for naught. I just want to help people.

  3. The words popular monster can also allude to just the trio of mental disorders. When I was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, and depression with suicidal ideation in the 6th grade I was told that having all 3 together was more common than not. So, it is actually very common and currently, with today’s media, it is a popular monster of discussion . Whenever I get into a bad spell and the ideations become too much, I have found that listening to this song helps to remind me that I am not alone in the struggle.

  4. This song is powerful! I suffered in silence for 3 months with daily panic attacks and depression back in the 90’s at the age of 24, then checked myself into a hospital. It was a living hell and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Depression and anxiety weren’t talked about like today.It was one of the scariest times in my life. I have never wanted to die but I did back then. I didn’t want to kill myself but I didn’t want to live. Just like the song says, I just wanted to feel okay. I didn’t want to take the medicine they prescribed because I really didn’t think it would work but it did! I’m still on it and will never stop taking it. Whoever wrote this song did an amazing job expressing what someone with depression/anxiety goes through. I am a Christian but the part of the song where he screams out “where is your god now” gives me chills every time. That part is unbelievably powerful and so raw! I never was a nonbeliever but during those dark days I was screaming/crying out to God “where are you?” Luckily, I kept pursuing Him and He came through for me. I love how the writer didn’t hold back and is so honest with his thoughts and emotions. My hope is that maybe this song can help others who may be suffering in silence. There is help out there and medicine. Sometimes it takes trying several different medications to get the one or ones that are right for you. Don’t give up! Awesome song!

  5. I’m a christian and I believe that life isn’t supposed to be easy, actually life is supposed to be really hard. I believe that we’re all meant to be tortured by the world, it just depends on how we deal with it.

  6. For the last 5 years I’ve battled severe anxiety and depression to the point of being suicidal. As this started 5 years ago and prior to that I had never experienced anything like that I feel that unless you’ve been through that you will not ever fully understand it. The end scene of the video showing his kid is his way out. If it weren’t for my kids, I would have already given up. This is the first time I’ve come across anything that very accurately describes what it’s like to go through these feelings. It’s the feeling of imminent death. Great song, great video.

  7. Now this article got a lot right but i went a little deeper and if you see at the end his daughter gets him out he is not saying that the world we believe in is wrong or we believe in the wrong people he is talking about his struggles why he is the way he is but shows us the reason he pushes forwards its not the fans or the fame its his daughter and not faithfulness because like me i wish i believed but i just can’t with how the world is and how my life has been i with as you believers this if god is all high and mighty then why does he let the innocent suffer and the guilty get away with it and don’t say oh its because he know and won’t let you in those pearly gates. Because one again and another question for you if god is so all powerful why does he not kill his enemy satin and don’t put in that he doesn’t because that is a place for sinners because you guys always say believe in him and he will forgive you

  8. I felt the song was saying that the world we live in is so lost in life that the direction the sheeple choose is superficial and ignorant. So much to fact they will follow and worship the wrong idols. For example , Liars, Cheaters and Non believers, this song is saying people are so confused they truly dont know who God is,who they are, or what to pray for or want and need in life. They are searching for Truth in the Lost and the Found (false idols, ie: famous people, Television, Money, Boy/Girlfriends etc.) instead of seeking God and Loving themselves. Thhe true path to happiness.

  9. I am a believer and I’m not sure how those who aren’t get thru this tragic life. I love rock and roll but do not like music that tries to nullify God. We all have a right to our beliefs, of course, but until you truly understand my belief “don’t knock it till you try it. “

    1. Here’s the deal. I want to believe, I really do. My wife is Christian and very faithful and is helping to raise our beautiful children to be the same way. She’s still suicidal and has openly admitted that faith doesn’t help much. I’m not quite atheist, I just don’t know or care if some omnipotent prick is sitting by and letting brutal things happen to innocence. It’s obviously not benevolence to allow war and famine to happen to babies.
      I digress, I struggle with severe depression and anxiety and I hide it so I can protect my family and help the only truly good humans I know. Something in me hates myself and makes me feel worthless. I give so much effort to make others feel better and enjoy as much of life as they can just so I can go cry in a dark room telling this voice to shut up. I’ve tried religion and everytime I get angrier hearing im suffering because somone ate a fruit or likes butt stuff. If God is real he won’t want to meet me or anyone else like me. There’s a lot of atrocities to answer for. You cannot be omnipotent, omnipresent, and benevolent. You can’t create evil and sickness and then walk away and blame your creation who you had to have known would do this and who wasn’t designed with free will like humans, unless he’s just as powerful.

      “It’s not a f*cking phase I just want to feel okay”

  10. It can also be considered that the ‘liar,cheater etc ’ part were things people have called him. And maybe just speaking for myself ,but I don’t think he’s so much an unbeliever but perhaps wondering were God is in the midst of his mental health? Even going as far as speaking for others that feel the same way.

    1. I definitely agree…. I feel he’s speaking on how others may have perceived him, or what he’s been relentlessly falsely accused of (which obviously can and will push someone over the edge). .. thus, the “here we go again mother f**ker” and then *screams*!

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