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Watch Tones and I Debut “Dance Monkey” on US TV on Jimmy Fallon Show

Tones and I has had a stellar entrance into the music industry with her hit single “Dance Monkey” from her debut album ‘The Kids are Coming.’ It is quite ironical that a song about the abuse of power in the music industry by record labels went on to be a global hit and paved Tones and I’s way into music.

Tones and I was invited to perform her hit single on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and she performed a beautiful rendition of the song. She kicked off the song with a beautiful piano segment and then proceeded to get in tune with the original track. The crowd definitely seemed to enjoy the performance as she received a standing ovation from them at the end.

Watch Tones and I perform “Dance Monkey” for the first time in the US television below.

Tones and I looked simple, wearing her baggy clothes and sweat pants that read ‘The Kids are Coming’ as a shoutout to her debut studio album. She wore a pink cap and overalls. Her live vocals were something to be marvelled about as she pretty much nailed the high pitches from the original studio version.

However, this is not her debut live performance of the song. So far Tones and I has performed her hit smash on Splendour In The Grass concert, Land of Plenty festival, 2019 NRJ Music Awards, and live on Q Music studio.

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