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Watch Coldplay Premiere ‘Everyday Life’ Album Live from Jordan

Coldplay promised to play their entire new album live in Jordan on the day of its premiere. Titled ‘Everday Life,’ the new album speaks about the different quirks and bends of this human life. The live show telecasted on YouTube is set to take place on November 22nd.

The live performance will consist of two sets, as is the new album ‘Everyday Life.’ Coldplay introduced the new album as a double album containing two tracklists. The first set is titled ‘Sunrise’ and the second is titled ‘Sunset.’ The first live performance of the ‘Sunrise’ tracklist will commence at 4 am GMT and the ‘Sunset’ tracklist will start at 2 pm GMT. Looks like Coldplay has synced the performances of respective halves of the album with mother nature!

From the album, so far, we have been able to listen to singles such as “Guns,” “Orphans,” “Arabesque,” title track “Everyday Life,” and most recent release “Daddy.” Watch the live stream below.

Ahead of the live performance, Coldplay gifted their fans a PDF booklet of all the lyrics, artworks and credits to the songs on their album. You can download the PDF here and refer it while watching the show below.

Tracklist of ‘Everyday Life’ and ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’ Albums

  1. Sunrise
  2. Church
  3. Trouble in Town
  4. Broken
  5. Daddy
  6. WOTW / POTP
  7. Arabesque
  8. When I Need a Friend
  1. Guns
  2. Orphans
  3. Èkó
  4. Cry Cry Cry
  5. Old Friends
  6. بنی آدم
  7. Champion of the World
  8. Everyday Life

This is definitely going to be one of the most memorable album releases and live performances of Coldplay so far. Make sure to tune in and share this with your friends for them to tune in to the world premiere of Coldplay’s brand new album.

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