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Iggy Azalea – The Girls Ft. Pabllo Vittar (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Iggy Azalea dropped her third studio EP titled ‘Wicked Lips’ today (Dec. 2) and there are some very interesting songs on it. One that has caught everyone by surprise is “The Girls” featuring the Brazilian drag queen, singer and songwriter Pabllo Vittar. Let us explore the meaning behind this new song by Iggy.

After releasing the crazy single “Lola” featuring Alice Chater, Iggy Azalea released her brand new album ‘Wicked Lips’ with two additional tracks “Not Important” and “Personal Problem.” The second track on the album, “The Girls,” acts as an empowering anthem for all the women out there.

Iggy Azalea talks about the injustices faced by women all over the world. In the meantime, she calls out for all the girls to stand up to themselves and be whoever they want to be. The song features a sassy chorus sung by Pabllo Vittar. Listen to the track below.

In the chorus by Pabllo Vittar, the drag queen sings about the friction between the girls and the society, even in this 21st Century. There is a lot of hate and injustice thrown at women in everyday life. The singer confesses that what she does not understand is why girls are against girls in the world. But she has hopes that everyone will be ‘okay’ in the end.

Lyrics by Iggy Azalea tend to be rather sharp and witty. In the first verse, she sings about how she can be the devil or the angel in anyone’s life if she wants to be. ‘Blue jean dream’ is a reference to a slim and curvy body, whereas ‘rude guillotine’ is a reference to being overweight and unable to fashion blue jeans. She also admires her own figure for looking similar to that of a Barbie doll.

Iggy Azalea also goes on to say that in her eyes (her vision on her mirror) she is perfect. She is the finest. She knows her looks and her stardom gets a lot of attention around the world. Everybody watches her life like a film reel that she says she should win an Emmy award for best acting.

In the post-chorus by Pabllo Vittar, the singer asks everyone to put ‘love’ first and put ‘hate’ behind all of us. The world will be a much better place if 50% of us could practise this.

In the second verse by Iggy, she confesses that there is a lot of hatred towards her in the music industry. However, she has no time for them. She prefers to stay above all of that because engaging in feuds does not help her at all. Most of the time, these shots are aimed at robbing off some spotlight from Iggy for their boomer careers.

Iggy also manages to sum up the situation of the human world in modern society; “the world is sick, cold and nauseous.” It comes as little surprise that humanity has reduced to a dog-eat-dog pit fight.

In the lyrics to the bridge of “The Girls,” Iggy has a message to all the girls out there. Girls have an equal right to be as ‘bad’ as the boys. They also should not apologize for being ‘bad’ just because there are some social conventions built up during the male-dominant history of mankind. Speak what is on your mind, live life according to your own rules, be as bad as you want but don’t harm others, and don’t apologize for being who you are!

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