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Harry Styles – Adore You (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Harry Styles blessed us with a quite extra-ordinary song as the first single off of his upcoming album ‘Fine Line.’ The single is titled “Watermelon Sugar.” His follow-up release is not what we all expected at all. Instead of a song, we got a cinematic trailer–an almost movie–released on December 2, 2019, with a promise of the full-length video to release on December 6th. Let us explore all the details of this new creation “Adore You” by Harry Styles.

Harry Styles premiered a 2-minute 42-second trailer for his upcoming song “Adore You.” This trailer is designed to set the prologue to the upcoming music video of “Adore You.” By the looks of the trailer, the new song is going to be quite sad. To learn why, we need to learn about the story of the city of ‘Eroda,’ as narrated in the trailer.

A peculiar voice narrates the story of this peculiar island of Eroda and a peculiar boy who lived there;

In all the seas, in all the world, there has never been a land quite like the isle of Eroda. Shaped unmistakably like a frown, it is home to all but forgotten fishing village that has had perpetual cloud cover for as long as anyone can remember. An isle where some still believe that it’s bad luck to mention a pig in a fisherman’s pub. where seeing a minster in the morning, meant you should go home immediately. Some fishermen still wore a single gold earring for luck, some say it’s to pay to have your body buried if you die in a strange port. It was also frowned upon to be caught whistling in the wind, in fear you might turn a gust into a gale. And if ever you leave Eroda, avoid doing so on odd-numbered days…everyone was always frowning anyway. Which they referred to as Resting Fish Face. But then…well, something peculiar happened…or I mean…someone peculiar happened. The Boy was… peculiar… from the moment he entered the world.
No one ever meant to be mean towards him, but in a town grown used to the way things were, no one knew what to do with something… different. They did their very best to ignore it… hoping it would go away… and eventually so did The Boy. He had lost his smile and without it, the world grew darker, the wind colder, and the ocean more violent.
The Boy was not alone in his melancholy. He wondered what could bring despair to something so beautiful. He tried to ignore the fish, but loneliness is an ocean full of travellers trying to find their place in the world. But without friendship, we are all lost and left with no hope, no home, no harbor. He wondered what cruel twist of fate brought them together, and if fate was indeed involved, what did she have in store.

Watch the Trailer for “Adore You” Video by Harry Styles

The story of the peculiar boy from Eroda is about the story of Harry Styles. He grows up to be an outcast from society because he is different from everyone else on the island. He had a big, bright smile that this island was not used to. This drove him to be an outcast of society and be isolated. At the latter part of the video, we see Harry Styles walking into the ocean. He fills his jacket pockets with stones that the weight would carry him to the bottom of the sea. Until he sees a fish struggling for life on a surfaced rock in the ocean, Harry does not stop to think. But this dying fish makes him stop.

In the official music video released, the story continues. Harry throws the fish back in the ocean but it jumps on to the rocks again. Weirded by this behaviour, Harry adopts it. There is nothing special about this fish, quite blatant and discoloured. However, it grows to be massive with the boy. It comes to a point when this fish cannot be contained in any tank they have. So the entire village gathers to help Harry release the fish back into the sea. With this kind gesture, everyone in the village begins to learn how to smile. Eventually, Harry too takes to the ocean and leaves the village behind.


The official music video released on December 6, 2019. Watch below.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Adore You”

The lyrics to “Adore You” form a different shape than what is portrayed in the music video. The song sings about love; or more or less a crush.

The verses and chorus of the song narrate how infatuated Harry Styles is with this girl. He talks about her presence as being a ‘rainbow paradise.’ Is there anything better than a rainbow paradise? Maybe there is; her lips tasting like strawberries!

The singer only has a very humble request from the girl. She does not even have to say that she loves him. She doesn’t have to say that they belong together. The only thing she has to do is let him adore her! A pretty sweet gesture if she is into him. Else it borderlines being creepy.

Harry Styles is smothered with this girl and we are all smothered with him and his new music. Let us hear what you think about this song and the music video in the comments below.

Looks like there is more to the music video…

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