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Camila Cabello – This Love (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Camila Cabello dropped her romantic album ‘Romance’ on December 6, 2019, and as she promised the tracklist is filled with love. So why not compose another song not dedicated to love? “This Love” is Camila speaking about what is not expected in love. Let us go further into the meaning of this song.

Camila Cabello’s ‘Romance’ album is filled with love songs such as “Senorita” featuring her current boyfriend and a major inspiration for the album-Shawn Mendes, “Living Proof,” “Used to This,” “Feel It Twice” and many more. However, it is not like she has a few tracks on the pitfalls of love as well. For examples; “Cry For Me” and “This Love.”

“This Love” is a song about being stuck in a toxic relationship. Camila is so fed up with being unable to do anything about this relationship because she cannot think to lose this man. So she is heard screaming this toxicity to get out of her system and let her suffer in isolation rather than in company.

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A repetition of “no” three times lets us know that this song is not about saying ‘yes, I do.’

Verse 1

In these lyrics, Camila Cabello elaborates the predicament she is stuck in. She is in a relationship with this guy, on whom she relies on for psychological comfort. She has been with him for some time now and he knows her in and out. But for some reason, his love is toxic. We are yet to learn why his love is so crude that she wants to leave everything else good behind. So Camila Cabello holds on one more day, hoping and praying that his ways will change.


Camila Cabello says that she has been giving him plenty of chances to clean up his act. But his promises are as useless as his love now. This behaviour makes it very difficult for Camila to be completely in love with him. She keeps on building walls around her to protect herself from his toxicity. But she also needs to put those walls from time to time. But his ways make her uncertain to do so now.


The chorus of “This Love” has Camila Cabello screaming the F-word at love because she is quite tired of the back-and-forth game. Like a toxic drug running through her system, it pains her to be with him. So she screams him to get out of her veins.

Camila is afraid to face the reality that this guy is not fixable. He sounds like the type of boyfriend to be non-committed. But he sticks around with Camila, which is not the ideal scenario she wants. But she has to make a tough call for the sake of her sanity. This song is a step towards that.

Verse 2

Despite all these flaws, Camila is still struggling to take that step out of the door. She wishes that he shuts the door on their relationship so that she can make up her mind and move on. But for Camila to make the first move? She cannot make up her mind.

Let us hear what you think about “This Love” by Camila Cabello and what it means to you.

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