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Future – Life Is Good Ft. Drake | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Future and Drake are back together in this new year to spread some joy and boost your moral. The two collaborators go into detail about what it feels like to be at the top of the game and the challenges it poses, and generally how “Life Is Good” now. So let us take a look at the lyrics and meaning of this song in this article.

The first hints of this Future and Drake collaboration dates back to December 2018, where Future previewed the track on his Instagram Live, captioning “OVO/FBG.” OVO Sound is the record label owned by Canadian artist Drake. Freeband Gang (FBG) is Future’s record label. Since then, the song was teased several times on social media until its release on January 10, 2020.

Future and Drake are frequent collaborators. They have been putting out music together since 2011, and this is their first release after 2018’s “Blue Tint.”

In “Life Is Good,” both Future and Drake sing about what makes them say so. Unimaginable riches, luxury brands, highest praise from the world and everything else. According to WealthyGorilla, the 33-year-old Drake is valued at $170 million in net worth, while Future is estimated at $40 million in net worth by CelebrityNetWorth. So, their life must be good!

Watch “Life Is Good” Video by Future and Drake

The two part song boasts about each other’s luxuries and how they enjoy their money, despite being on the hit list by every other artist out there. First part of the song is entirely Drake, and part two is all Future.

Part I


In the first part of the song, the chorus is performed by Drake. He sings about how he had to work hard to get where he is today, much like what is said in his memoir “Started From the Bottom.” He boasts about his custom made luxury wristwatch brand Patek Philippe, and his visits to the luxury suite ‘Manor House’ in London’s five star hotel named Rosewood.

Drake also admits that he “slipped” once. It is unclear what exactly this could refer to, but many speculate that this could be of the claim that Drake has an illegitimate child with a French woman. Drake seems to admit and casually dismiss the fact in the song.


In the only verse of the first part of “Life Is Good,” Drake admits that it takes a toll be on the top of the game. This makes him a target and many have tried over the years. “Days are numbered” is a veiled hint on getting killed. It could be either in real life or about his music career. Either way, he keeps on waking up each day and dominating the charts with his music.

Part II


Future performs the chorus of the second part to “Life Is Good.” In it, the rapper boasts about keeping his bae happy by buying her very expensive jewelry. He claims that some rings costs more than a Bentley car, which easily ticks above $200,000.

Verse 1/2

In the two verses Future delivers, he talks about his wealth being immense that he has everything and anything at his disposal. From women to expensive drinks to recreational drugs to luxury vehicles, there is nothing that is too far from his liking. In the second verse, Future name drops Serena Williams, the former female tennis world champion. Much like Serena has probably a few dozen tennis rackets, Future has a few dozen racks of cash wads. “Hunnid thousand” at minimum in one rack of cash!

Let us hear what you think about this collaboration by Future with Drake. What do you think this song means? Drop a comment below.

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