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Meghan Trainor – Nice to Meet Ya Ft. Nicki Minaj | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

“Nice to Meet Ya” is the third single off of Meghan Trainor’s new third studio album ‘TREAT MYSELF.’ This song marks the first collaboration between Meghan Trainor and rapper Nicki Minaj. Let us dive into more details about the song.

The new single was preceded by singles “No Excuses” and “Wave” from the new studio album released on January 31, 2020. Meghan Trainor opened up about working with Nicki Minaj for the first time with Billboard; “Never saw it coming, that’s like my top list of like, I don’t know if I’ll ever work with like Bruno Mars and Rihanna and Nicki Minaj….it’s my favorite Nicki verse ever, she’s a monster in it.”

In “Nice to Meet Ya,’ Meghan Trainor says goodbye to an ex-lover. She expresses how, in many ways, she treated him right and how he failed to recognize them. He took her for granted and now she is moving on.

Watch the Music Video for “Nice to Meet Ya” by Meghan Trainor

Verse 1

In the first verse, Meghan Trainor lets us know how things unfolded in their relationship to the worse. She tried to change her looks for him, probably to please him more and more. But one thing she could not change is her mind. Maybe he tried to force ideas on to her. But she stayed true to herself.

Meghan Trainor admits that she is flawed; “nobody is perfect.” There no truer statement than this in this world. Those who fail to see that fail at their relationships. Mistakes should be forgiven. The same mistake should be forgiven once.


The modern society requires everyone to grow a thick skin. She is sweet, but she is not one to be played around. She believes in God who always looks down on her and she knows God always supports her.

Verse 2

The second verse is Meghan Trainor’s resolutions and self-reflection. She knows that she used to care about others too much. This often would have ended up hurting Meghan herself. “Letting go” is the principle to live by. Meghan is only going to act on self-interest and self-love here onward. Who can blame her!

Verse 3

The third verse of “Nice to See Ya” is performed by Nicki Minaj. Her verse talks about how she is the reigning queen of hip hop and asks the audience not to bother about comparing her to anyone else. She moves on to talk about “snakes in the grass” which is a popular idiom to reference to deceptive people.

Nicki calls herself the “billy,” yet another clever reference to ‘billy the goat.’ ‘GOAT,” in the context, stands for ‘Greatest Of All Time.’

Nicki also calls herself “pretty in real life” claiming that she looks good without makeup. This is a jab at the whole society obsessed with changing their own looks. She rates herself a perfect 10. “Rate her like tomb” is a pun on Tomb Raider, the popular video game heroine.

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