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Dua Lipa – Physical | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Dua Lipa’s second single off her upcoming studio album ‘Future Nostalgia’ is a straight-up club banger. This dance track, titled “Physical,” is accompanied by an underlining romantic and sexual lyrical work. Let us explore the lyrics and song meaning of this new track.

“Physical” is the second single off of Dua Lipa’s second studio album ‘Future Nostalgia,’ and follows the albums lead single “Don’t Start Now.” Appearing on the Graham Norton Show, Dua Lipa said that the new album is going to be quite futuristic in beats and lyrics. However, on the red carpet to the 2020 Grammy Awards, Dua Lipa talked about the upcoming single; “It’s very 80’s inspired, it’s quite Flashdance-y, it’s fun, you can dance to it. It’s definitely my craziest of high energy songs.” So there is going to be a mix of the past, present and the future in Dua’s upcoming studio album.

The new track finds Dua Lipa fallen in love with an ideal partner. She talks about the “phenomenal” relationship they have built and she invites him to get “physical” all night long.

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“Common love” could be a reference to polygamy which means to have multiple sex partners. She could be talking about a monogamy relationship. However, it could simply mean that she finds this relationship to be extraordinary and not something ‘common’ like everyone else have.

Dua Lipa is on the seventh heaven about this relationship. She feels rich and empowered and nourished in his hands. She compares this feeling to the feeling of being “diamond-rich,’ which by standards terms is quite rich! There are richer objects on this planet, but diamonds are beautiful as well.

She also asks if he feels the same about this relationship.


This one line adds some sexual tension to this song. She says that she prefers to be awake in bed when he is next to her. To what purpose is left a mystery to us.


We come across more physical carnage on the chorus of the song. An “all night riot” refers to an all night long sexual activity. ‘Riot’ is a poetic way to coat it since, sex is also a bodily struggle on the bed.

A more romantic gesture is when Dua Lipa sings that in this relationship each other has their backs. This builds a stronger relationship and definitely an enduring one. So since the two minds and souls are intertwined, it is only right that they do the same with their bodies as well.

Verse 2

Dua Lipa talks about their sexual chemistry in this second verse. There is the rush of adrenaline with every dance they do on the bed. Adrenaline is a hormone that increases blood flow to muscles; you can see where this ties up with sex!

Dua Lipa says that this is very content with this life she is living right now. She does not want to think about a ‘better life’ as most of us do.

Let us hear what you think about this song by Dua Lipa? Do you feel the sexual chemistry underlining the song? Drop a comment below.

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