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Dua Lipa Performs “Don’t Start Now” on Graham Norton Show & Talks New Album Release

Dua Lipa performed her brand new single “Don’t Start Now” live on BBC’s Graham Norton Show on November 1, 2019. After the sizzling live act, the singer went on to talk about hew new album.

Dua Lipa’s appearance on Graham Norton Show to perform “Don’t Start Now” is only the live performance of the song since its release on the same date. She also performed the song on MTV EMAs 2019 held last week.

Dua Lipa and her music group appeared in all silver metallic mini-dressing for the performance. The entire backdrop of the stage, too, was a plaster of silver, which shimmered in the luminescent light. After the popping performance, Dua Lipa sat down with the host of the show to talk about the single and the upcoming album.

Graham Norton questioned when the album can be expected. Dua Lipa responded, “the album’s coming next year (2020).” However, we don’t have to wait such a long time for the album title revelation; “but, you’ll find out the title in a month” continued Dua Lipa.

She continued to tease about the flavour of the album; “it’s like a very nostalgic, disco orientated album…”

Watch Dua’s live performance on Graham Norton Show below.


In an interview with Capital FM radio, Dua Lipa also teased that there might “potentially” be new music in collaboration with Miley Cyrus. “We’re thinking about doing something together in the near future,” says Dua Lipa gushing over the idea.

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