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Justin Bieber – Intentions Ft. Quavo | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Justin Bieber’s latest release from his upcoming album ‘Changes‘ proves that he really means change! The new song, titled “Intentions,” shows how much love and affection he pours out to his girl. However, most attention has been captured by the music video, which tells the heartbreaking and motivating stories of Bahri and Marcy.

“Barhi was born in Saudi Arabia,” starts off the music video with footage of the girl in the subject. “Her mom worked three jobs to bring her children to the U.S. for a better life. Bahri’s mom was denied an education and wants her daughter to have the opportunity. Bahri’s intention is to be the first in her family to graduate college.”

“Marci was raised in the foster care system and became a mom when she was 19. She escaped an abusive relationship and an unsafe home for her kids. Mary’s intention is to help other foster youth find resources to help them thrive and advocate for foster rights.”

Woven around these true and inspiring stories, we hear the melodious and romantic song of “Intentions.” Watch below.


In these lyrics, Justi Bieber explains his intentions with the girl he loves; “shower you with all my attention.” Hailey Baldwin is a lucky girl.

He also says that she is picture perfect and “drop-dead gorgeous.” What is more? She cooks a mean meal too, and she has a heart of gold. What else could a guy expect from a girl?

Verse 1

In a rare turn of events, Justin Bieber spares these lyrics to thank this girl’s parents for bringing her up to be such a golden personality. He also talks about his procreation and when he does that this girl will be his muse.

Justin Bieber calls his girl a “triple threat;” “a boss, you a bae, you a beast.” Very high praise indeed!

Verse 2

In the second verse of the song, Justin Bieber explains how she needs no approval from anyone because she crosses all the checkmarks in a relationship.

Justin Bieber calls her the ‘rock’ of his life comparing to one of the largest mountain ranges ‘Rocky’ located in Colorado, USA.

He also alludes to the NBA championship ring, which was won by Toronto Raptors in 2019. This is in reference to his wedding ring to his wife Hailey Baldwin.

Verse 3

Quavo also talks about a picture-perfect relationship in his verse. One important note is that a relationship is “fifty-fifty.” Whatever one puts into the relationship has to be proportionate, else the scale tips over.

It also helps when both have similar goals. And it helps even more when they have mutual goals. So both achieve self-actualization and couple goals.

Let us hear what you think about this beautiful song and the powerful message given through the music video in the comments below.

Update: 12/02/2020

JB released an official (short version) music video for the song. Watch below.

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